Tinder vs EliteSingles Compared: Pick the Best in 2024

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Being on the right dating app can improve your chances of finding the right person online. Dating apps such as EliteSingles and Tinder are available to both iPhone and Android users. Have a look at how each one stacks up and what their strengths and weaknesses are before choosing.

Picking the right dating app: EliteSingles vs. Tinder 

The dating apps you use may say a lot about your relationship and intimacy needs. With the right dating app, you can have the best chance of matching with someone who is compatible with your love life.

Which dating app you sign up for is very much a personal choice. That’s why it’s important to be aware of all the options before making your choice.

Online dating app recommendations

Have a look at our dating app recommendations to help you find the one for you.

Most Popular Choice
  • Simple, discreet hookups on the go
  • Perfect dating app for local matching
  • Match based on special interests and more
  • Large database of Asian and European singles in the UK
  • Full control of your profile to set your desired privacy settings
  • Attend virtual events to meet even more members
  • Easy to use mobile app
  • Leader for serious dating apps
  • Match with local partners or by city
  • Perfect for finding love on the go
  • Ideal for serious relationships with over 50 seniors
  • User-friendly and simple to use
  • Match up with locals
  • Chat, message, share video and more
  • Ignite romance right in your vicinity
  • Enjoy exact matching thanks to accurate filters;
  • And explore many more benefits that will help you find love!
  • Localized Connections: connect with singles in the UK
  • Tailored Matching Algorithm: increasing the likelihood of meaningful connections
  • User-Friendly Interface: making the process of finding matches effortless
  • Welcome Offer for new members
  • Unique VIP Content for premium members
  • Maximum payment security (Google Pay, Apple Pay etc.)
  • Easy and convenient interface
  • Perfect for casual dating & hookups
  • Plenty of members for you to have fun with
  • Meet attractive Asian, European, & Latino singles
  • Quick and free signup 
  • Casual or serious online dating
  • Free, fast and easy registration
  • Real girls from 180 countries
  • Highly engaged and active community
  • Safe, secure, and user-friendly space for individuals to explore their desires
  • Diverse and affordable premium offers 
  • Auto-translate chat feature, available in 14 languages!
Ashley Madison
  • Best for open-minded looking for “no strings attached” fun
  • Free membership
  • 54 million users 

Tinder vs EliteSingles: the differences 

These are the key differences between EliteSingles and Tinder.

Who is it for?Career-focused professionals looking for serious relationships.Singles looking for a variety of relationship options. Tinder caters to younger and more diverse users.
Registration detailsIn-depth profile creation process based on honesty that helps get matched with compatible profiles.Streamlined registration using Facebook, Apple, or your phone number.
Memberships and profiles5+ million users, high-quality profiles thanks to strict verification.Over 75 million users make Tinder a household name in online dating.
Paid optionsFree service doesn’t include messaging. Several subscription plan options. More perks the longer you subscribe.Free service includes messaging. Paid subscription adds more perks to improve experience.
ProsAffordable and flexible pricing and plans, along with an active and educated user base.Messaging and all main features are free. Inclusive-sign-up options.
ConsYou need the premium account to benefit from the app..Not focused on long-term relationships or older users.

How is EliteSingles better than Tinder

EliteSingles prioritises quality over quantity by making compatibility the top priority. The app calculates an easy-to-understand compatibility percentage based on the qualities you’re looking for as well as your own background, preferences, and personal values.

If swiping through hundreds of profiles does not appeal to you, you’ll enjoy using EliteSingles. This is why EliteSingles is aimed at well-educated and career-focused professionals might not want to spend all their free time on their phones.

tinder vs elitesingles app features

The EliteSingles tagline is “Date smarter, not harder.” If you want a long-term committed relationship, then EliteSingles is going to be the better choice for you. 

EliteSingles key points

Here are some important details to know about EliteSingles:

  • EliteSingles users are mostly between 30 and 50 years old.
  • EliteSingles users are highly educated, most of them have college or advanced degrees.

How is Tinder better than EliteSingles

Tinder is best known for its swipe-based profile viewing mechanic. One of the first dating services to start off as an app (not a website), Tinder disrupted the industry by stripping the dating experience down to its core question: do you like this person? Yes or no.

Unlike EliteSingles which places its emphasis on compatibility, Tinder is all about first impressions. You have to make a split-second decision based on a handful of profile pictures and a short bio. If you don’t decide, you don’t get to see other profiles.

tinder vs elitesingles app feature comparison

As you swipe left and right, you make your way through a stack of profiles of people who are located within the distance and age-range you set. Those are the only details that truly matter when it comes to getting a date on Tinder–how old and how far your match is.

As for the rest, Tinder transfers that responsibility to the user. Tinder has added other criteria for matching–beyond age and distance–but its core strength and reputation still hinges on geolocation and first impression dynamics. This is why Tinder appeals to a younger demographic–it’s dating, gamified.

Tinder key points

Here are some important details to know about Tinder:

  • More than 70% of users are men.
  • Married people make up 30% of users on Tinder.
  • A former Tinder executive, Whitney Wolfe Herd, went on to start Bumble.

Which dating app is cheaper? Tinder vs EliteSingles

EliteSingles and Tinder have different approaches to pricing. While EliteSingles adds more premium features the longer you sign up for, Tinder has three paid tiers and different pricing depending on your age. EliteSingles does not charge more just because you’re older.

Tinder vs EliteSingles price comparison (under 30s)

EliteSinglesTinder PlusTinder GoldTinder Platinum
1-monthn/a£4.05 per month£12.16 per month£16.21 per month
3-month£28.35 per monthn/an/an/a
6-month£16.18 per month£2.03 per month£6.08 per month£8.11 per month
12-month£14.56 per month£1.35 per month£4.05 per month£5.41 per month

Tinder’s pricing is much cheaper than EliteSingles for users who are under 30. While EliteSingles provides a 3-month basic subscription, Tinder only provides monthly, 6-, and 12-month plans.

EliteSingles only has one set of prices vs Tinder’s three different paid tiers, the most equivalent comparison is between 6 or 12-month EliteSingles Premium plans and Tinder Platinum’s 6- or 12-month plans. It’s clear that Tinder Platinum is better value for money for younger users. 

Tinder vs EliteSingles price comparison (over 30s)

EliteSinglesTinder PlusTinder GoldTinder Platinum
1-monthn/a£8.10 per month£24.31 per month£32.49 per month
3-month£28.35 per monthn/an/an/a
6-month£16.18 per month£4.05 per month£12.19 per month£16.25 per month
12-month£14.56 per month£2.70 per month£8.12 per month£10.16 per month

The pricing table for users over 30 tells a different story. Feature-wise, the fair price comparison is between EliteSingles Premium and Tinder Platinum in their 6- or 12-month plans. While 6-month plans are neck and neck, the year-long plan is clearly cheaper on Tinder.

Let’s take a look at what features you get when you pay for EliteSingles and Tinder, as well as what you can do with a free account.

Feature comparison: Tinder vs EliteSingles

Comparing features between EliteSingles vs Tinder is cut and dry. EliteSingles requires its users to pay to be able to message meaningfully while Tinder lets matched users message without limits—staying true to their motto, “Match. Chat. Meet.”

EliteSingles features: free vs paid options

EliteSingles features are divided up between a free version and paid options with different subscription periods. Take a look at what option has the features you want to use most.

Free optionPremium Light (3 months)Premium Classic & Comfort (6 & 12 months)
✅ Profile creation✅ Profile creation✅ Profile creation
✅ Unlimited messaging✅ Unlimited messaging
✅ View profile details✅ View profile details
✅ Intelligent matchmaking✅ Intelligent matchmaking
✅ View all profile photos
✅ See who visited your profile 
✅ Read receipts

The free option on EliteSingles only allows for profile creation and browsing obscured profiles. The Premium Light 3-month option essentially enables all the features you would get for free on Tinder. 

For actual premium features, you want to look at the Premium Classic or Comfort. These two options do have cheaper monthly rates, although you have to subscribe for longer. They are equivalent to the most expensive Tinder paid subscriptions.

Tinder features: free vs paid options

Compare what you can do with each version of Tinder, free or paid, below.

Tinder (free)Tinder PlusTinder GoldTinder Platinum
✅ Profile creation✅ Profile creation✅ Profile creation✅ Profile creation
✅ Match and chat✅ Match and chat✅ Match and chat✅ Match and chat
✅ Unlimited likes✅ Unlimited likes✅ Unlimited likes
✅ Unlimited rewinds✅ Unlimited rewinds✅ Unlimited rewinds
✅ Tinder Passport✅ Tinder Passport✅ Tinder Passport
✅ No ads✅ No ads✅ No ads
✅ 5 weekly SuperLikes✅ 5 weekly SuperLikes
✅ 1 Boost per month✅ 1 Boost per month
✅ See who likes you✅ See who likes you
✅ Daily top picks✅ Daily top picks
✅ Message without matching
✅ Prioritized likes
✅ See Likes from the previous week

The free version of Tinder has all the basic features you need to browse profiles, match, and chat with other users. Tinder Plus, Gold, and Platinum add features to make the online dating experience more pleasant.

Let’s take a closer look at the perks you get when paying for Tinder:

  • Unlimited likes and rewinds: Tinder Plus lifts profile swiping limits as well as the ability to undo swipes if you made a mistake.
  • Tinder Passport: Tinder Plus lets you swipe on profiles in a different location than the one you’re at. Great for travellers (similar to Bumble Travel Mode).
  • No ads: Tinder Plus removes ads from your online dating experience.
  • Complimentary SuperLikes and Boosts: Tinder Gold gives you 1 temporary boost to get more views once a month and 5 SuperLikes every week for free.
  • See who likes you: This one is major. Tinder Gold saves you time by showing you who has swiped right (liked) on your profile. You then choose if you’re interested in them.
  • Top picks: This Tinder Gold feature brings a more conventional online dating feature to this app. You will get curated profile recommendations from Tinder. Less swiping for you.
  • Message without matching: This Tinder Platinum perk brings in another traditional dating service feature (included in EliteSingles) to Tinder.
  • Prioritised likes: Tinder Platinum pushes your likes to the top of any user’s notifications whenever there is a match.
  • See previous likes: Tinder Platinum helps you keep track of who you’ve liked by giving you access to your ‘swipe-right’ history.

Which dating app is better for you? Tinder vs EliteSingles

Take a look at what each dating app has going for it as well as areas where they could be better.

EliteSingles pros and cons

These are the benefits and drawbacks of using the EliteSingles dating app.

✅ Quality over quantity approach❌ You need to pay for basic features
✅ Focus on serious relationships❌ 3.1 out of 5 App Store review score
✅ Intelligent matchmaking technology helps you find compatible profiles❌ Fewer users than Tinder

Tinder pros and cons

These are the advantages and disadvantages of the Tinder dating app.

✅ You can message for free once you match with someone.❌ Significantly more men than women use Tinder.
✅ Household names. Millions of active users.❌ You need to pay more to get features that come as standard in traditional dating sites.
✅ 3.8 out of 5 App Store review score. Editor’s Choice award.❌ Older users are forced to pay higher prices.

Tinder vs EliteSingles: final thoughts

When comparing EliteSingles vs Tinder, both dating apps have clear strengths. They are both well-designed apps with millions of users. However, they cater to different types of users, with unique features and paid options.

EliteSingles is the better option for career-focused professionals looking for an efficient solution to find a compatible partner. EliteSingles users tend to be older and aim for more traditional long-term relationships.

Tinder takes a more spontaneous approach to online dating. Its free account is all you need to get started, and there are no key features hiding behind a paywall. For this reason, there is nothing to lose by signing up for Tinder. You can always sign up for EliteSingles too, to get a more streamlined experience based on intelligent matchmaking.

Tinder vs EliteSingles FAQ

You can find answers to common EliteSingles vs Tinder questions below.

Is EliteSingles better than Tinder?

EliteSingles is better than Tinder if you are specifically looking for a committed relationship. If you’re looking for a more casual or flexible online dating experience, then Tinder is a better fit.

Is EliteSingles legit?

EliteSingles is definitely a legitimate dating app. The dating service has been around for many years and is part of Spark Networks, one of the largest companies in online dating. EliteSingles has robust online security policies to make sure user profiles are valid.

Which dating app will help me get married? EliteSingles or Tinder

EliteSingles is more likely to help you tie the knot because of its focus on traditional relationships and an older demographic. That doesn’t mean you can’t find the love of your life on Tinder. As long as you’re upfront about what you’re looking for, it is possible. However, you might come across people who don’t share your relationship goals. 

Which is cheaper? EliteSingles vs Tinder

Tinder is generally cheaper than EliteSingles. This is because the most important dating features on Tinder are available for free. On EliteSingles, you need to pay to be able to send messages and properly view profiles.

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