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Our goal is to provide you with relevant information to guide you through the online dating world. We make it easy for everyone to find what they’re looking for when considering online dating. 

Datingroo offers:

  1. Reviews of online dating services (websites and apps)
    Our unbiased reviews of dating websites and apps allow you to make informed decisions based on what you’re looking for — whether it’s a casual hookup or a serious relationship, or you’re looking for dates in your 30s or dating in your 60s, or have specific interests and desires such as dating cat owners. 
  2. Advice
    Our dating guides offer non-judgemental advice on every dating-related topic imaginable, from LGBTQ and transgender dating, to having a secret affair, to “what to know when dating an Asian girl” to signs that you’re in a toxic relationship
  3. Studies
    We publish case studies regarding a wide range of dating and relationship subjects. We perform a research analysis by collecting data and investigating the relevant market, with a focus on social and gender matters. 

How do we help you find the best online dating service for your needs? 

On many of our pages, you will see that we mention the top brands that match a certain dating category (e.g. best dating site to find a serious relationship, best apps for LGBTQ, etc.).

How do we come up with those lists? We test the features of each brand, we analyse the prices, and we compare the brand to other similar ones in the same category. Finally, a statistical model learns from our research to create the best recommendations for you. Disclaimer: we use affiliate links, which means that we get a commission if you sign up for a dating service through our website, at no cost to you. This helps us to maintain the website and grow our resources so as to provide you with the best dating recommendations and advice.

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