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Are you debating between joining Zoosk or eharmony? Both offer serious dating opportunities, but Zoosk branches out into hookup dating. In our Zoosk vs eharmony comparison, we cover their differences and everything you need to know to find the best service for your needs.  

We cover the basics for what you need, pros and cons, memberships, costs, and more.

Zoosk vs eharmony Summary

When comparing Zoosk vs eharmony, we found that both services offer dating for long-term relationships, but Zoosk did more with its hookup opportunities. However, eharmony offered a more robust sign-up process for better quality profiles. 

Here’s our summary of Zoosk vs eharmony:

Who is it for? Singles looking for either serious relationships or casual flirtingSingles looking for long-term relationships
Registration detailFast sign-up needs only basic information to access siteLengthy personality quiz and profile creation process
Memberships and profilesEstimated 40+ million members world-wide29+ million members worldwide, in-depth profiles
Premium serviceLimited free service, one subscription plan with different lengths, coins for additional featuresLimited free service, all subscription plans share same features
ProOptions for long-term dating or for casual flirting and hookupsIn-depth registration and personality quiz results in better match-making opportunities
ConLimited sign-up process means many profiles are lacking a lot of informationMore expensive than Zoosk, price bumps up significantly after first month

eharmony is one of the most popular dating sites on the market to date. It provides long-term relationship opportunities for a broad range of users around the world. They are known for their in-depth personality quiz in the registration process which uses psychology for advanced, successful matchmaking. 

Zoosk, on the other hand, is easier to sign-up with and quick for people to use when they are on the go or traveling around. Zoosk also gives users the opportunity to enjoy casual flings if they aren’t ready to settle into a long-term relationship just yet. 

Pros and cons 

Zoosk and eharmony offer a broad range of shared features and services. Below we stack the pros and cons of Zoosk vs eharmony to show you how they stand out from one another. 

Zoosk pros and cons

✅ Streamlined and convenient free sign-up process❌ Online dating video features need to be easier for matches to use
✅ Special features like Zoosk Carousel and Smart Picks❌ Virtual gifts and Zoosk offers can be confusing to understand
✅ Familiar, user-friendly dating site and app design❌ Pay to send messages to other Zooskers after the 7-day trial period
✅ You can scroll back up to check out a dating profile for free❌ Annoying ads for free account users
✅ Comprehensive search functionality with multiple filtering options
✅ Robust safety features like photo verification reduce scams and fake profiles
✅ Good balance of genders across Zoosk’s 80,000 active weekly users

eharmony pros and cons

✅ Detailed sign-up quiz and process❌ Can’t look for individual users
✅ Daily matches❌ Limited features with free membership
✅ In-depth profiles❌ Limited LGBTQ+ options
✅ Advanced matchmaking ❌ Only 6-24 month subscriptions
✅ Ideal for long-term relationships
✅ Easy-to-understand price scheme

Pick the right dating app: Zoosk vs eharmony

The dating apps you’re on have an impact on your relationship goals. You’re more likely to find profiles that you like when you’re on a dating app that is suited to your romantic interests.

What app you go with is a very personal choice, like your favorite movie. That’s why it’s a good idea to check out more than one so you can make a better choice.

Look at our dating app recommendations to find the one that best suits you.

Most Popular Choice
  • Simple, discreet hookups on the go
  • Perfect dating app for local matching
  • Match based on special interests and more
  • Large database of Asian and European singles in the UK
  • Full control of your profile to set your desired privacy settings
  • Attend virtual events to meet even more members
  • Easy to use mobile app
  • Leader for serious dating apps
  • Match with local partners or by city
  • Perfect for finding love on the go
  • Ideal for serious relationships with over 50 seniors
  • User-friendly and simple to use
  • Match up with locals
  • Chat, message, share video and more
  • Ignite romance right in your vicinity
  • Enjoy exact matching thanks to accurate filters;
  • And explore many more benefits that will help you find love!
  • Localized Connections: connect with singles in the UK
  • Tailored Matching Algorithm: increasing the likelihood of meaningful connections
  • User-Friendly Interface: making the process of finding matches effortless
  • Welcome Offer for new members
  • Unique VIP Content for premium members
  • Maximum payment security (Google Pay, Apple Pay etc.)
  • Easy and convenient interface
  • Perfect for casual dating & hookups
  • Plenty of members for you to have fun with
  • Meet attractive Asian, European, & Latino singles
  • Quick and free signup 
  • Casual or serious online dating
  • Free, fast and easy registration
  • Real girls from 180 countries
  • Highly engaged and active community
Ashley Madison
  • Best for open-minded looking for “no strings attached” fun
  • Free membership
  • 54 million users 

How do the memberships and costs compare? 

Zoosk offers more flexibility in a Zoosk vs eharmony cost comparison. The 1-month subscription plan gives you a chance to test the service, whereas eharmony’s minimum 6-month subscription is a commitment. The 24-month plan is the most expensive when looking at total costs. 

Although prices with Zoosk are lower overall, Zoosk also uses “coins” to provide users with additional features. The cost of these coins can add up quickly, leading some members to spend more than they’re realizing. 

Prices with eharmony rise significantly after the 1st month. This means you pay less with Zoosk overall if you don’t use their coins. Here is an overview of how each brands’ subscription length and cost per month compares: 

Subscription lengthsZooskeharmony
1 month£29.99 / Month, £29.99 totalN/A
3-months£19.99 / Month, one payment of £59.99N/A
6-months£15.00 / Month, one payment of £89.99Premium Light – £29.90 /month
12-monthsN/APremium Plus – £11.95 for the first 3 months, £23.90 /month after
24-monthsN/APremium Extra – £8.95 for the first 3 months, £17.90 /month after

The costs for Zoosk’s coins are as follows: 

180 coins£14.99 total25% savings
480 coins£29.99 total50% savings

What are the in-depth costs and features for eharmony?

eharmony is more expensive than Zoosk when looking at total costs. Although £8.95 for the first month seems affordable, this rises to £17.90 per month after the 3rd month, meaning for 24 months you pay a total of £402.75, not including tax.

The price doubles for eharmony’s 12 and 24-month plans after the first 3 months. The 6-month plan will cost the same throughout its duration.

Zoosk vs eharmony image

There is a limited free version of the service for members who initially sign-up. The free features on eharmony do not offer a lot of options to the user, but they give you an idea of what to expect. These features include: 

  • Suggested Matches
  • Giving Likes and Smiles to other EliteSingles members
  • Sharing your answers to 5 site-generated questions

All premium subscriptions unlock every feature on eharmony. A premium subscription gives you the best chance at making quality matches quickly and reliably. The features include: 

  • View unlimited photos
  • Unlimited messaging
  • See who’s viewed you
  • Distance search
  • Detailed personality profile

What are the in-depth costs and features for Zoosk?

Costs with Zoosk are cheaper than eharmony, and you can save money with a 1-month subscription. 

Zoosk vs eharmony image

Zoosk is certainly a more affordable service in comparison, when just looking at their subscription plans. Each plan offers the following features:  

  • Send messages
  • Full access to SmartPicks
  • Browse incognito mode
  • Use the chat feature
  • See who likes you
  • Use Boost, Super Sends, and other special features
  • Video chat
  • Flexible filters for flexible dating
  • Enjoy Zoosk Great Dates
zoosk vs eharmony image

However, the necessity of coins to really explore everything Zoosk has to offer can push your costs up. Coins allow you to: 

  • Promote yourself on matchmaking pages
  • Use Super Sends
  • Boost yourself in your local area

How does the registration process compare for Zoosk vs eharmony?

Our Zoosk vs eharmony comparison finds that eharmony’s lengthy registration for members to sign up was better for long-term matchmaking. The average time to sign-up there is 20-30 minutes, but the quality of the profiles is much better and matchmaking feels improved. 

Zoosk, on the other hand, just asks you for your basic information before having you confirm your identity via email. You can access the site from there and update your profile with information to improve your odds of better matchmaking. However, this isn’t mandatory, unlike eharmony. 


Signing up with Zoosk is a quick and easy process. Just fill out your personal information form disclosing your gender and gender preference, birthday, email address, and zip code. You’ll be sent an activation code via email. 

You will be able to use the site then, but only in a limited capacity. To unlock Zoosk, you must then provide your phone number and then validate your account using a pin provided. After that you are free to update your profile as much as you’d like. 


eharmony uses situational questions in the form of “what would you do if…?” There are some similarities between the two personality quizzes, but eharmony’s questions lean more on how you would like your match to be and what you are looking for in a partner/relationship. 

This can include your and their: 

  • Habits
  • Interests
  • Dislikes
  • Ideal reactions to certain situations (positive and negative)
  • Feelings about various topics (politics, environment, etc.)

The quiz also asks for preferences with a series of images, much like an ink-blot test. Think “do you like the circle or the square?” and “which is better: the circle with a dot in the center or the circle with a dot outside its circumference?”

What can you expect with users and profiles for Zoosk vs eharmony?

Members of both eharmony and Zoosk are looking for long-term relationships, although on Zoosk there is a healthy mix of people looking to simply flirt or hookup. Because of the lengthy sign-up process on eharmony, the service may be better suited for serious relationships. 

However, Zoosk’s easy sign-up and flexible dating options has led to a larger user base than eharmony around the world: 

zoosk vs eharmony image

Generally, the quality of users are overall better on eharmony, but there are enough members on Zoosk to make up for that. With some careful filtering you can enjoy both services equally. 

Zoosk vs eharmony FAQ

We answer the most frequently asked questions in an Zoosk vs eharmony comparison: 

Which is better: Zoosk vs eharmony?

Zoosk is a slightly better service for its pricing and flexibility with its target audience for either serious or casual dating, but eharmony is better for finding long-term relationship partners.  

In terms of quality, eharmony offers high-quality profiles and opportunities for dating. Both encourage long-term relationships but Zoosk allows for casual hookups. Because of this, Zoosk is a slightly larger service, but both are massive in the industry.

If you are looking for a long-term relationship, eharmony is the better pick. If you want to keep your options open, then Zoosk may be better. 

Which is cheaper: Zoosk vs eharmony?

Zoosk is more affordable than eharmony, but only when you don’t spend money on coins. It is also a more flexible service with shorter subscription plans. eharmony’s prices rise considerably after the first month for each of its plans after you sign up, increasing your total costs. 

Purchasing coins can drastically impact your overall spending, so if you find yourself buying them a lot then eharmony will be the cheaper option. 

Who is Zoosk for? 

Zoosk is targeted towards people who aren’t sure what they want out of a relationship, or who want to keep their options open for either a serious relationship or something more casual. This means that profiles can be lacking and aren’t always reliable. 

Who is eharmony for?

eharmony is for a more focused and dedicated membership than Zoosk. Anyone who is of legal age to use an online dating service can join. It is only for serious, long-term relationships, and most users are looking for a life-partner. However, the quality of member profiles is much higher.

Final thoughts on Zoosk vs eharmony

Our Zoosk vs eharmony comparison finds both are reliable for matching users. In terms of numbers, Zoosk is larger, but eharmony is almost as large. In the end, eharmony is a slightly better service thanks to its detailed and involved registration process and matchmaking. 

However, Zoosk and eharmony are very good dating services and we recommend them both. If you want to keep your options open, then Zoosk is the better choice. If you are more certain about wanting a life-long relationship, then eharmony may be better.

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