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Are you debating between joining EliteSingles or eharmony? Both offer high-quality serious dating opportunities with similar features. In our EliteSingles vs eharmony comparison, we cover their differences and everything you need to know to find the best service for your needs.  

We cover FAQs, pros and cons, memberships, costs, and more.

EliteSingles vs eharmony Summary

When comparing EliteSingles vs eharmony, we found that both services offer dating for long-term relationships. There are many similar features across the two brands, and so they may seem identical to many users. 

Here’s our summary of EliteSingles vs eharmony:

Who is it for? Singles looking for long-term relationshipsCareer-oriented professionals looking for long-term relationships
Registration detailLengthy personality quiz and profile creation processIn-depth profile creation process 
Memberships and profiles29+ million members worldwide, in-depth profiles5+ million members worldwide, high-quality profiles thanks to verification
Premium serviceLimited free service, all subscription plans share same featuresNo real free service, flexibility with subscription plans, fewer features with a shorter plan
ProIn-depth registration and personality quiz results in better match-making opportunitiesAffordable and flexible pricing and plans, along with an active and educated user base
ConMore expensive than EliteSingles, the price bumps up significantly after the first 3 monthsRequires a premium account to get any use out of

eharmony is one of the most popular dating sites on the market to date. It provides long-term relationship opportunities for a broad range of users around the world. They are known for their in-depth personality quiz in the registration process which uses psychology for advanced, successful matchmaking. 

EliteSingles, on the other hand, is focused on career-oriented individuals who want to date other like-minded singles. EliteSingles is also for long-term relationships, but the goal is to match up people who share your background and goals more than anything else. They also use an in-depth registration process based on psychology. 

Pros and cons of both brands

EliteSingles and eharmony offer a broad range of shared features and services. Below we stack the pros and cons of EliteSingles vs eharmony to show you how they stand out from one another. 

EliteSingles pros and cons

✅ Detailed sign-up personality assessment ❌ Can’t date with free membership
✅ Profiles are verified by Customer Care❌ Must pay for unlimited photo viewing
✅ 82% of members are university educated, active membership❌ Customer support can be unresponsive
✅ Helpful blog for advice and tips

eharmony pros and cons

✅ Detailed sign-up quiz and process❌ Can’t look for individual users
✅ Daily matches❌ Limited features with free membership
✅ In-depth profiles❌ Limited LGBTQ+ options
✅ Advanced matchmaking ❌ Only 6-24 month subscriptions
✅ Ideal for long-term relationships
✅ Easy-to-understand price scheme

How do the memberships and costs compare? 

EliteSingles offers more flexibility in an EliteSingles vs eharmony cost comparison. The 3-month subscription plan gives you a chance to cancel sooner than eharmony’s minimum 6-month commitment. The 24-month plan is the most expensive when looking at total costs. 

Prices per month are higher with EliteSingles at first glance, but prices with eharmony rise significantly after the first 3 months with the 12 and 24-month plans. This means you pay less with EliteSingles overall. Here is an overview of how each brand’s subscription length and cost per month compares: 

Membership PackagesEliteSingleseharmony
3-monthsPremium Light – £39.95 /monthN/A
6-monthsPremium Classic – £21.95 /monthPremium Light – £29.90 /month
12-monthsPremium Comfort – £19.90 /monthPremium Plus – £11.95 for the first 3 months, £23.90 /month after
24-monthsN/APremium Extra – £8.95 for the first 3 months, £17.90 /month after

What are the in-depth costs and features for eharmony?

eharmony is more expensive than EliteSingles when looking at total costs. Although £8.95 for the first month seems affordable, this rises to £17.90 per month after the 3rd month, meaning for 24 months you pay a total of £402.75, not including tax.

The price doubles for eharmony’s 12 and 24-month plans after the first 3 months. The 6-month plan will cost the same throughout its duration. But the good thing about eharmony is that all their plans share the same features, unlike EliteSingles. 

Elitesingles vs eharmony image

There is a limited free version of the service for members who initially sign-up. The free features on eharmony do not offer a lot of options to the user, but they give you an idea of what to expect. These features include: 

  • Suggested Matches
  • Giving Likes and Smiles to other EliteSingles members
  • Sharing your answers to 5 site-generated questions

All premium subscriptions unlock every feature on eharmony. A premium subscription gives you the best chance at making quality matches quickly and reliably. The features include: 

  • View unlimited photos
  • Unlimited messaging
  • See who’s viewed you
  • Distance search
  • Detailed personality profile

What are the in-depth costs and features for EliteSingles?

Costs with EliteSingles are cheaper than eharmony, and you can save money with the 3-month subscription. 

EliteSingles vs eharmony image

The options that come with a free membership-user on eharmony are slightly better than EliteSingle’s free service, but not by much. EliteSingles’s free membership only allows you to sign up and see blurry photos.

Fully enjoying the potential of either EliteSingles or eharmony requires a premium membership. The 3-month membership on EliteSingles includes unlimited communication and intelligent matchmaking. The other two subscription options include: 

  • Unlimited communication
  • Intelligent matchmaking
  • View all member photos
  • See all profile visitors
  • Read receipts for messages

How does the registration process compare for EliteSingles vs eharmony?

Our EliteSingles vs eharmony comparison finds both involve lengthy registration for members to sign up. The average time to sign-up for either service is 20-30 minutes. These go beyond superficial questions to create detailed, in-depth profiles that improve matchmaking quality. 

The difference between EliteSingles vs eharmony is in how they structure their questions. However, the end result is roughly the same and both are equally successful. 


EliteSingles’ personality test uses psychology to analyze 29 personality traits in members as they sign up. After providing basic information about age, sex, and location, one then proceeds to the 20 minute personality survey.

The questions on EliteSingles’ personality survey focus on your characteristics. Examples include asking if you: 

  • Always follow a plan
  • Seek adventure
  • Leave clutter around your home
  • Feel stress easily
  • Describe yourself as warm, clever, dominant, etc?


eharmony uses situational questions in the form of “what would you do if…?” There are some similarities between the two personality quizzes, but eharmony’s questions lean more on how you would like your match to be and what you are looking for in a partner/relationship. 

This can include your and their: 

  • Habits
  • Interests
  • Dislikes
  • Ideal reactions to certain situations (positive and negative)
  • Feelings about various topics (politics, environment, etc.)

The quiz also asks for preferences with a series of images, much like an ink-blot test. Think “do you like the circle or the square?” and “which is better: the circle with a dot in the center or the circle with a dot outside its circumference?”

What can you expect with users and profiles for EliteSingles vs eharmony?

Members of both eharmony and EliteSingles are all looking for long-term relationships. The main difference between the two is their focus on members. eharmony is a general service for anyone to join, while EliteSingles is mostly for members who are educated and career-oriented.

eharmony’s general inclusion with users is part of the reason for its massive worldwide membership. With 29+ million members, it is one of the largest dating sites on the market. On the other hand, EliteSingles, with its niche market, is only 5 million strong worldwide.

Elitesingles vs eharmony image

This means eharmony has a more active user base weekly than EliteSingles. There are 16 million active members on eharmony every week, whereas EliteSingles has 900,000. These are still large numbers, so both services offer good odds to connect singles with others. 

In our EliteSingles vs eharmony comparison, we found both have high-quality users. The involved registration process for both ensures dedicated members with detailed profiles. This and the intent of finding a long-term partner encourages a high active weekly user base. 

EliteSingles vs eharmony FAQ

We answer the most frequently asked questions in an EliteSingles vs eharmony comparison: 

Which is better: EliteSingles vs eharmony?

EliteSingles is a slightly better service for its pricing and flexibility with its target audience, but eharmony is better for a broader audience. 

In terms of quality, both offer high-quality profiles and opportunities for dating. Both encourage long-term relationships and share identical features. eharmony is a much larger service with a larger pool of members to potentially date, whereas EliteSingles is more niche. 

Which is cheaper: EliteSingles vs eharmony?

EliteSingles is more affordable than eharmony. It is also a more flexible service with shorter subscription plans. eharmony’s prices rise considerably after the first month for each of its plans after you sign up, increasing your total costs. 

Who is EliteSingles for? 

Elite Singles is targeted towards career-oriented individuals who are looking for partners who are either also focused on their careers or want to be in a relationship with someone who is. This does mean long-term relationships, as EliteSingles doesn’t offer casual dating services. 

Who is eharmony for?

eharmony is for a more general membership than EliteSingles. Anyone who is of legal age to use an online dating service can join. It is only for serious, long-term relationships, and most users are looking for a life-partner. 

Final thoughts on EliteSingles vs eharmony

Our EliteSingles vs eharmony comparison finds both are reliable for matching users. In terms of numbers, eharmony is unquestionably larger, but EliteSingles is still a massive online dating service. In the end, EliteSingles is a slightly better service thanks to its affordability. 

However, EliteSingles and eharmony are very good dating services and we recommend them both. If career is a priority for you, then EliteSingles is the better choice. If you are more flexible in your preferences, then eharmony may be better.

Our EliteSingles vs eharmony comparison finds both services share many similarities: 

  • They provide matchmaking for individuals wanting long-term relationships around the world
  • Many features are identical
  • Both enjoy high-quality users thanks to their in-depth registration process

The main differences lie in who they target for members and their costs for membership. EliteSingles is a niche service for career-oriented educated singles, while eharmony is more general in its membership. However, eharmony is more expensive and less flexible. 

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