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Looking for different dating sites?

Online dating is on the rise, especially in times of lockdown more and more singles are turning to their smartphones to find the love of their life. And the online dating market is sky-rocketing — until this day there exist more than 1,400 dating sites in the UK alone.

But the focus of singles has shifted — from fun to commitment. Over two-thirds of online flirt app users are looking for a serious relationship, which means singles in the UK are ready to meet someone to create a life with.

Like most of the world’s capitals, London also is a paradise for singles — where almost half of the population is without a partner. There exist a lot of options to meet singles in London — offline but also online.

We have put together a list of the best dating apps, the most important tips and tricks, and the pros and cons of the online mingling world — so that you can flirt successfully in London.

The best dating sites for London

In the midst of the dating app jungle, it can be hard to find the right matchmaking service which fits your own needs. Some singles search for friendship, some for a serious partnership, and others simply for some fun  —  there exist apps for every niche and taste — from casual dating to hookups to mature dating in London. We have tested the best online apps for matchmaking available on the market, differing in design, price, usability, and features.

Here is our pick of the best dating apps in London:

EliteSingles  —  London

EliteSingles Logo

EliteSingles is with 13 million singles worldwide one of the biggest players on the market. The dating app is the best option for educated singles because 85 percent of all members have a university degree and are between 30 and 55 years old.

If you are looking for a long-term commitment, EliteSingles is the right choice for you — over 90 percent of all members are looking for a real relationship.

EliteSingles uses an intelligent matchmaking system to introduce daters to someone on the same level and with their same interests and expectations.

A subscription is necessary when you want to send messages to your matches, see their photos and leave comments. You can trial the premium membership for three months (£39.95 per month) or save money by buying a 12-month membership (£19.90 per month).

EliteSingles also has one of the best dating apps in London — which you can download for iOS or Android.


The London based dating site is all about finding love fast. With their unique approach, they manage to stand out from the other dating services. JustAskMeOut wants to revolutionise the way people date online by getting them offline as quickly as possible.

The site is focused on meeting, not on messaging and therefore best for busy singles who do not have time for endless back and forth chatting.

JustAskMeOut uses a business-like approach to dating — your profile is a dating card which you can hand out to anyone you would like to meet (just like a good old business card).

The site is free to join, and you can ask one person out per day for free. You also get a free trial of the Silver membership when you register, which later will cost you £10 per month. The Gold membership, where you can ask 10 people out per day, costs £15 per month.

FreeDating  —  London

FreeDating is one of the free dating sites in London. The dating service has been completely free since 2005 and the founders promise it will stay free forever.

You can register, create a profile, message and search without paying anything.

The free Londoner dating site also takes scams very seriously. FreeDating works with Scamalytics, anti-fraud software used in the matchmaking industry.

The site is specialized in a local single search and because it is a completely free site, you can find something for every taste — from gay dating in London to Asian dating in London .

The Vida Consultancy

Vida Logo

Can you imagine paying someone to get a date? That is exactly what The Vida Consultancy is all about. The professional award-winning Matchmaking agency promises to “create your ultimate relationship”.

Combining psychology with consultancy service, the consultants first help you to define your ultimate match, then they search their extensive network to match you with other singles.

The more dates you get, the more you pay . The success rate of the agency is very high — 99.6 percent of Vida clients get dates and 78 percent turn those dates into serious relationships within less than 4 months.

The Vida Consultancy offers private and open memberships — but first, you need to apply in order to join their very exclusive network to find a partner in London or even abroad.

eHarmony  —  London

eHarmony Logo

eHarmony is one of the most popular dating services on the island — with 5 million users alone in the UK.

Over 2 million people have found love here, which means this dating service is best for singles in search of a serious and lasting relationship. Their 32-dimension personality test identifies areas of compatibility between two singles and guarantees a good match.

It is completely free to register and you can download the app for android or iOS without any cost. eHarmony likes you to try before you buy — which means you can take a free short quiz to determine your compatibility score, see matches and send icebreakers.

If you want to send customised messages and get unlimited access to profiles, you will need to subscribe. Subscription costs from £8.95 per month for 1 year.

eHarmony now welcomes people in the LGBTQ+ community and also offers great possibilities for gay dating and ts dating in London.

What to consider while online dating in London

Be honest — Who does not want to be loved for who they are? Nothing is more embarrassing and disappointing than going on a date and meeting someone who looks completely different from his or her profile picture. For that reason, we recommend being honest right from the start, showing your most natural self.

Be careful — Choose a public place for the first date or arrange an online date via video chat — just to be on the safe side. Also inform your friends where, when and with whom you are meeting. Better be safe than sorry!

Be patient — Londoners work on average 3 weeks a year more than the rest of the UK — that means there is not much time for social life, let alone dating. Do not expect marriage and babies after a few months — be patient with your date and let the relationship unfold in its own time.

Be realistic — In a single paradise like London, not every date is a good match. Do not expect too much from your first date, but rather let yourself be surprised. It is very likely that you will need to meet a few singles before you will find the one that really fits.

Be confident — Londoners are known for their polite but direct approach to dating. Especially in the capital, there are many singles with well-paid jobs and high expectations. In order to win, talk confidently about your job, hobbies and expectations. Show what you’ve got — your date will for sure do the same.

Be creative — Especially when choosing a place for the first date — London has so much more to offer than Covent Garden or Tower Bridge, so do a little research and find a hidden gem in the metropolis. There are plenty of unknown wine bars, local markets and beautiful gardens which want to be discovered.

Be relaxed — Because your date is very likely to be late. Getting from A to B in London can be a real challenge, and the tube is not always on time (or way too crowded). So we suggest you: relax and order your first drink to get the evening started.

Be flexible — Londoners love to make plans, but they do not always stick to them. Furthermore, free evenings are a rare commodity in a Londoner’s week, even if he or she is single. For that reason, we recommend being open to a sudden change of plans regarding date and time.

The pros and cons of online dating

Online dating is very popular, both in the UK and the whole world. Still, dating apps not only offer advantages, but also some negative aspects you should consider. We collected the most important pros and cons of online dating for you:


* Online dating is all about you. For rusty singles, it is the perfect start to get back into dating life because you set the pace. You can take all the time you need before meeting someone face to face.

* Online matchmaking saves time. Especially for busy Londoners, online dating is the perfect way to meet new people, even if your weekly schedule is completely packed.

* The physical distance makes online dating a much easier and more relaxed option to meet new people from the comfort of your home — without any pressure or nervousness.

* The extensive offer of local London dating sites and apps guarantees that there is something for every taste and every target group, which simplifies the targeted partner search in London a lot.

* Thanks to smartphones and dating apps, you can flirt in a relaxed way from anywhere and at any time — at work, in front of the TV, on the tube or while having lunch.

* Thanks to detailed personality tests and profile information, important parameters for a long-term partnership are matched right from the start — such as social milieu, world view, character and interests.

* Online dating saves money. Normally, a lot of money is spent on numerous events for singles and first dates until the right person finally comes along. By making a careful pre-selection, you do not only save time but also money.

* Most London dating sites have more than 100,000 members — so the choice of potential partners is much bigger than in your own group of friends.


* With thousands of singles living in London, your choice of potential partners is fairly big. But with so many singles to choose from, you need to stand out from the crowd — with a compelling profile picture and a detailed description, which will take a lot of time and effort.

* In the digital age we live in, important flirting signals are neglected — such as smell, eye contact, posture, and physical intimacy.

* The lack of direct contact can make users appear more desirable than they actually are. Thus, dishonest profile descriptions and enhanced profile pictures often lead to disappointment on the first date.

* Scammers and fake profiles are common on many free platforms. This means that you should be very selective about which dating site you invest your time — and money — in.

* Most of the services only offer free registration, but the rest of the features are included in a premium membership, which can be quite expensive.

* Online dating is generally more difficult for men than for women because the percentage of female members is usually much lower.

Flirting men

Online dating tips for London

* Less is always more. Instead of writing with as many potential matches as possible, choose the people you want to have conversations with carefully. Take the time to study the person’s profile and only contact people who really appeal to you — this will save you a lot of time afterwards.

* Before paying an expensive membership, try different apps and services to find the right match. There are thousands of dating apps out there, tailored to different niches and needs. Most of them offer free registration and search — so you can take a look around before committing to one.

* Take some time to finish your profile and add detailed information. To find a good match it takes more than a pretty profile picture — the more detailed your profile information, the better chances you have to find the right match.

* Communicate your intentions. Singles use dating apps not only to find a partner for life. Some are just looking to escape boredom or loneliness, others are looking for an adventure and others are looking for a new friendship. That is why it is even more important to communicate your intentions and ideas clearly from the start — both on your profile and in any conversation.

* Be careful with your private information. Check the dating app of your choice for privacy issues and keep your privacy in check — do not reveal everything about you in the first messages. The most important tip: Listen to your gut and apply some common sense.

* Do not be afraid to questions someones authenticity — better be safe than sorry. Look out for fake profile pictures of celebrities or stock models — you can even do a reverse image search on Google to verify the authenticity of the photograph.

* Watch out for scams! There are many dating scams that invest months in building a relationship and as soon as you are emotionally involved, they ask for money. If you are unsure, ask a friend for advice.

* Manage your time properly. Online dating can quickly become addictive and too many options can quickly become overwhelming. Especially in times of lockdown, many Londoners spend their time on their mobile phones. In order to avoid putting your health at risk, it is advisable to consciously manage and effectively use your time online.

Why is online dating booming in London?

Before the era of online dating, Londoner singles used to meet in bars, cafes, clubs, parks or even in the street. But the times of meeting prince charming by accident on your way home are long gone.

We have to face the fact that our life happens more and more online — from shopping to online classes and live events — and online dating is no exception. Even before the pandemic, online dating was the most popular way to date. During the lockdown, more and more singles have turned to online matchmaking apps to find a partner.

The openness regarding the culture, religion, and sexual orientation of the capital makes it a perfect place for every single to search for their counterpart. You can find everything from Asian dating in London to gay dating to Muslim dating in London. The huge variety of niche matchmaking apps makes it even easier for singles with a specific taste and orientation to meet singles in London.

Online dating apps are accessible and simple to use, and especially in a busy life of a Londoner the perfect way to connect to other singles. Of course, there are a lot of amazing dating spots in the capital of the UK, but before it comes to the first date, why not meet for a video chat first?

And now that the nation is back in complete lockdown, this means nothing else then: hello again, online dating! We suggest you give the best Londoner online dating apps a chance to entertain and support you in the search for mister or misses right!

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