Dating in Manchester: Meet Manchester Singles

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Are you tired of constantly swiping left? We hear you! And we’re here to tell you that you are not alone. We have researched dating in Manchester to help you with finding the perfect match.

Going to bars for a potential love interest can be exhausting, and most people don’t feel comfortable approaching strangers at random. Fortunately not all hope is lost, both technology and coordinated events are available to make the process easier

So, just how many singles are there in Manchester? According to a recent report, Manchester has the highest concentration of singles in the UK, with the most recent census stating that over 54% of Mancunians are single. The number of Manchester dating singles is believed to have grown significantly during the pandemic. 

How to meet Manchester singles

In 2021, most Mancunians were shown to be mobile phone users, and studies show that the average person spends over three hours a day on their cell phone. Why not spend a little bit of that time looking for your next great love interest? 

If there are so many single people in Manchester, where do we find them? Our recent data shows that the best dating apps in Manchester are the following:

Most Popular Choice
  • Easy to use mobile app
  • Leader for serious dating apps
  • Match with local partners or by city
  • Perfect for finding love on the go
Academic Singles
  • Caters to matching academics and professionals for serious dating
  • Match and meet with singles locally or by city
  • Flexible for mobile users
Elite Singles
  • Meet matches who fit your schedule
  • Enjoy dating to find a serious, lasting romance
  • Active members across the UK
  • Ideal for serious relationships with over 50 seniors
  • User-friendly and simple to use
  • Match up with locals
  • Chat, message, share video and more
  • Simple, discreet hookups on the go
  • Perfect for local matching
  • Match based on special interests and more
  • Share pics and videos

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Dating in Manchester events

If you are single and ready to mingle, but maybe not ready to find your match online, dating in Manchester can be also done through Singles Events in the city. Whether you fancy a structured all singles party or prefer to meet people out in the wild, there is an event for you. 

Sometimes you just want to have a good time with the possibility of meeting someone involved. This is where singles events come into play. Web services like MeetUp feature several singles events in Manchester where you can let loose while making connections with individuals who may share your interests. 

Check out some of the top bars for dating in Manchester such as Lola Lo Manchester, Whiskey Down Manchester, or On Bar for Manchester’s hottest gay club. 

For those of us that shy away from the online scene but also just don’t have the time for full-on events or bars, speed dating can be your best friend! Check out all the available speed dating options Manchester has to offer.

Dating in Manchester: Tips for singles

  • Safety is always important when dating in Manchester. While not the most crime-ridden city in the country, Manchester still sees a spike in crime at night. For your first date, try meeting in the afternoon rather than the typical Friday night sesh.
  • Don’t bring up Man City vs. Man U unless you want to risk an hour-long debate when dating in Manchester.
  • Similarly, don’t mention LFC. It’s a touchy subject, and even if you’re a Scouser visiting Manchester, it’s best to avoid football until at least the second date.
  • If you’re a woman seeking a man, you’ll need to stand out as there are more single women than men. With that in mind, stand out from the crowd by planning a unique date, like axe throwing or a virtual reality gaming session.

Whether you are looking for something casual or someone to grow old with, Datingroo can help find the best site for you. We’ll give you all the tips and tools you need to put your best foot forward into the dating world. Find your match today!

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