Most Popular Gay Dating Sites UK

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Academic Singles
Looking for gay romance within academic circles? Academic Singles offers gay dating amongst graduates and professionals in the UK!
  • Best for: Educated singles with serious intentions
  • Free membership: Free registration, limited
  • Users: 190,000
Searching for that one true love of yours? eHarmony has been serving online dating for years, helping the gay community connect online in the UK!
  • Best for: Gay singles searching long lasting relationships
  • Free membership: Free registration, limited
  • Users: 10 million
Gay dating with a little spice thrown in! Find a partner and then some with the UK’s BeNaughty gay dating!
  • Best for: Adult dating without a wait
  • Free membership: Free registration, limited
  • Users: 9 million
Do you want to find a casual date in your neighbourhood? Lustylocals has you covered
  • Best for: Local flings
  • Free membership: Free registration, limited
  • Users: 70,000
Need a friend to keep you warm for a night? Find one now at OneNightFriend
  • Best for: Quick flings
  • Free membership: Free registration, limited
  • Users: 80,000
Elite Singles
A higher caliber of online gay dating sites. Check out Elite Singles for the UK’s elite community for gay dating partners today!
  • Best for: Singles with above average education
  • Free membership: Free registration, limited
  • Users: 13 million

Looking for different dating sites?

What is the best gay dating website and app?

Deciding which are the best apps or sites for you is going to take a little trial and error. In addition, it depends on what you’re after. We collected the most popular Gay Dating sites for you:


Grindr Logo

Grindr is probably the most famous gay app in the world. It already existed in 2009 and the name suggests it – the app reminds strongly of other dating apps like tinder.

Currently more than 200,000 Brits use the services of the provider – worldwide there are more than 27 million people.

Grindr is, despite its almost ten years of existence, a rather modern app, which mainly aims to address young users.

While on other portals the display photos of the members are anonymised, Grindr takes a different approach here:

Here you can find classic portraits and full body photos – there is a lot of naked skin here that is supposed to appeal to the other users.

The app is available for Android and iOS. To register you need an email address, a password and your age.

Planet Romeo

PlanetRomeo (also known as GayRomeo) is one of the world’s largest communities for gays. The provider also focuses on bi- and transsexual men. Romeo offers a gay chat, flirt and exchange views with other gays on 

In addition, the community provides extensive and up-to-date information on various topics related to the gay scene.

PlanetRomeo is recommended if you are looking for casual gay contacts for sex meetings. PlanetRomeo is less suitable for serious partner searches because the majority of members are just looking for fun.

With the free membership you already have all the functions at your disposal that you need for a meaningful use of the community. 

The premium membership offers you additional functions such as radar (environment search). The costs of this portal can be classified in the lower to middle range.


As a sponsor of the series “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Scruff became well known and popular.

If you want to flirt with someone, you send them a “woof”, which is displayed as a dog paw in the app (like the thumb on Facebook). You can then exchange photos and videos with interesting men and flirt in the gay chat.

Of course, you can also use the Scruff App to indicate your sexual preferences like bisexuality and sexual fantasies, how you are using contraception and which category of man you belong to: nerd, leather guy, daddy, drag queen, poz man, chub, leather guy etc. All gender identities, LGTB+ / queer-individuals, including lesbians, are welcome.

Of course, the matching game a la Tinder (Scruff Match) is not missing. But, with Scruff you do not swipe.

Instead, the question “Interested in a meeting?” appears on the profile. You can then answer it with “No thanks” or “Definitely”. The app will then let you know if a match has been created.


“ManHunt” is one of the most popular adult dating sites that works all over the world and is famous for meeting gay people.

As the name suggests, the site is only for finding male partners for men. It is a gay site where single men can follow their soul mate through this dating site.

There are different types of users on this site. However, most of them are men who are looking for casual sex, talking and meeting each other. It was launched on 1st April 2001; the owners of the site are Jonathan Cruthchley and Larry Basile.

Many of the users have highly praised the site and many of them have claimed that it is one of the best gay online dating sites for a safe and refreshing online relationship. Statistics show that the site has many user histories where long-term relationships have become a permanent status quo.


The well known and popular app for gay, bi-sexual and transgender people has more than 1 million members and enjoys great popularity. The site is structured like a gay network.

The members have profiles, they can liken, leave messages, match and much more. OnlyLads offers a gay chat. The full service costs around 13 pounds, but you can call up an unlimited number of profiles, send messages and use other offers.

Pictures will appear in full resolution and users can save as many “favourites” as they like. Premium users can also see who added them as favourites. Users with a free account can save a maximum of 10 friends and favourites.

The age groups are mixed, from young guys to experienced bears, so there’s something for everyone.

Gay couple met on LGBT dating site is having fun

However, if you’re looking after something fun and without any strings attached, then apps like Grindr are exactly where it’s at. Because there are now so many niches in the homosexual community, you’ll find a huge amount of sites catering to all different tastes.

Whether you’re a fan of bears or twinks or you’re a dedicated top or bottom, you’ll find dating sites and dating apps where like-minded adult gay men are looking for the same. The only real way to find out which is the best gay dating app for you is to try a few out and see what works.

If you know which sites tickle your fancy, but want to know more, then check out some of our reviews. There’s no better way to make an educated decision than from impartial recommendations and you’ll be fully aware of all the pros and cons before you even think about a subscription.

How to choose the best Gay Dating App?

The best way to choose between the many homosexual dating apps & sites UK providers have to choose from is to think about what you want. To help you navigate the choppy waters of online dates, we’ve put together some things you might want to consider.

• Are you looking for a meaningful relationship with someone of the same sexual orientation or would you prefer short encounters, without all the commitment? If it’s the former, then consider sites where the focus is on quality rather than quantity.

• Is discretion important to you? An important point for homosexuals who are still in the closet and are waiting for the right moment and time to come out. Some are already in long-term partnerships or are even married. 

While they might want to have some fun, it’s also important to them that their partners and their surroundings remain unaware of their extra-curricular activities and their sexual preferences.

• Is location important to you? Adult gay men from smaller communities might find it difficult to meet other homosexual singles. Online dating allows you to cast your net as far as you’re prepared to travel. Many gay apps allow you to use location and distance in your search filters.

• Are you from a particular faith or cultural background? It might be worth looking at some of the ‘niche’ gay online dating sites, so that you don’t have to worry about raising the subject in the first place. Niche sites are available for a whole host of preferences and interests.

• Would you prefer to find friends, rather than a partner? Some of the best apps and sites create a sense of community, rather than focusing on finding a date. Look for sites with chat rooms and forums where you can engage with other users, at your own pace.

• How much are you prepared to spend? Same-sex dating sites for gay men come in all shapes and sizes and price-ranges can vary. Test-drive a few for free before deciding which one gives you the best value for money.

Longer subscriptions tend to reduce monthly costs but can mean a larger upfront payment.

Pros & Cons of Gay Dating Apps


  • Lust wins. What for some is a negative point, for others seems to be heaven on earth. A huge selection of hot guys with whom you usually don’t have to have a long chat to get down to business.

  • A platform for your ego and your wallet. No expensive gay club visits and then going home empty-handed, gay dating apps bring the guys to you practically right to your bed.

  • If you are gay in London or Manchester it is a piece of cake to find mature gay male escorts and lovers as liberal views and events like gay pride parade are normal and nothing extraordinary there. 

    But if you live in rural Britain, gay men and women often cannot socialise openly, apps and gay dating sites help supporting your own gaydar. People who might otherwise feel left alone find a place here, as Egalitarianism has sadly not entered every part of society.

  • Meeting, engaging and falling in love with others is so much harder for homosexual folks than for hetros. Finding the love of your life for a serious relationship built on trust and love without online help is almost impossible in some areas in the UK.


  • Your sex life and intimacy may become a commodity. Many gay apps and sites degrade their users to sex-hungry consumers. Profound encounters and relationships are often missed.

  • Fake profiles and scammers also and especially lurk on gay dating apps and sites. You can never be 100% sure that the person is actually the one from the profile.

  • Almost everything is reduced to looks, alpha-males dominate gay apps and less attractive people are sometimes discriminated against or completely ignored, which can scratch your self-confidence and cause negative feelings.

Tips on how to make the most of gay dating sites and apps

While societies views towards homosexuality have been developing in the right directions and the communities are growing, there are still some dating obstacles that are specific to the homosexual community. 

Using homosexual sites UK providers might take some of the pressure off, but it won’t remove all of it, still it is much more convenient than using heterosexual online services like OkCupid, Skout or Tagged.

One of the first things to remember, whether you’re using dating sites to find a long-term partner or apps like Grindr to have some fun, is to respect other users, discrimation is not only a thing among heterosexuals, gay groups haver their own issues with for example ageism, racism and body shaming.

But in addition to these problems there is still that straight couples don’t have to deal with coming outs and this can be an emotionally tough time for some.

Another user might not be as ‘out’ as you are and may need time to announce that they’re in a same-sex relationship.

While this might be frustrating for you, a little empathy and respect can go a long way. Conversely, if you’re still quietly dusting the closet, don’t feel pressured to come out until you’re ready, as social exclusion and social rejection unfortunately still might exist.

In all cases, honesty is the best tactic and stating exactly what you’re looking for and what you will and won’t tolerate are key to finding like-minded gay singles.

The best place to do this is on your profile. While most throw the spotlight on their photos, a good ‘About Me’ piece is the best way to ensure that the guys you’re matched with are the guys you want to talk to. Be open about who you are and what you want from your date but don’t play all your cards at once.

Photos are vital on dating sites and apps like Grindr, Gleeden or Adam4Adam, where the aim of the game is a casual hookup. 

However, don’t assume that just because you’re in them, they must be great. Choose photos that portray you in an honest light, to save a lot of wasted time and potential disappointment while searching for a serious partner.

Engaging with other gay singles on in-app forums and chatrooms is another great way of testing the waters. 

Often, registration is free on gay datingsites for serious relationships. If you’re new to the online dating world, offer a great way to let other users know you’re out there, without diving into the deep end. 

Totally free gay dating sites and free gay chats for serious relationships and also for polyamororous with all benefits, on the other hand, are very rare.

It’s also important to keep yourself safe online, particularly if you want to keep your private life private. Try and choose a username that doesn’t reveal anything personal about you, such as your surname or phone number.

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In addition, never feel pressured into divulging any details you don’t want to. While security for gay dating sites and social networks has improved, you’ll still find the occasional scammer and fake profiles lurking in the shadows. If you’re ever asked for your banking details, walk away as soon as you can.

Offline safety is just as important as online. Whether you’re just hooking up or meeting for a romantic date, meet in public to begin with. You might want to set a time-limit on your first encounter, just to find out more about your date, before committing any further.

Why are Gay Dating Sites & Apps so popular & how did they get there?

The first of the gay dating sites was launched in 1999 and since then there has been an explosion in the number of homosexual dating sites and apps fopr serious relationships. Whether you’re looking for Mr Right or just Mr Right Now, read our beginner’s guide to gay apps & sites.

Some of the better mobile homosexual dating UK providers offer to use geo-locational tracking to show you where your potential dates are and meet for dates.

Homosexual apps have revolutionised the way mature gay men in the 21st Century are able to connect with each other. Finding the one special person is so much easier via modern apps.

Gay dating apps and sites live from the passion and sex drive of men all around the world and from all kinds of societal status. Apps like OnlyLads and Grindr are providing them with the best chances to find friendships, relationships, love and sex.

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