The Best UK HookUp Apps & Sites for Casual Encounters

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Find the best casual dating sites in the UK

Our recommendations for the top online dating sites for people in the UK looking for something casual.

Most Popular Choice
  • Best for anonymous and discreet encounters
  • Free registration and free membership
  • Chat with thousands of attractive singles
  • Easy to use chat service for quick connections
  • Popular in the UK for singles
  • Flexible matching for local and abroad
  • Only mature women who really know what they want are members of MilfFinder.
  • Milfs here know exactly what they are looking for and what their needs are.
  • No financial risk with the free registration.
  • Younger men... and middle-aged men are often considered the "target group”
  • 100% safe and secure
  • Meet attractive Asian, European, & Latino singles
  • Quick and free signup 
  • Casual or serious online dating
  • Fast and simple hookups
  • Caters exclusively to the UK
  • Sign up for free and enjoy
  • Relax with a secure and private service
  • Ignite romance right in your vicinity
  • Enjoy exact matching thanks to accurate filters;
  • And explore many more benefits that will help you find love!
  • Free sign-up!
  • Easy-to-use interface, optimized for all devices.
  • 100% match guarantee.
  • Privacy protected in a discreet environment.
  • Possible great matches,


  • Tailored matching algorithm + localized connections 

  • Privacy with advanced security features 

  • Local events and activities 

  • Thousands of mature singles looking for love, romance, and friendship
  • Advanced features like identity verification, profile screening, and anti-scam protection
  • Explore your preferences with search filters, chat rooms, and compatibility tests 
My Mature Flirt


  • Possibility to join local events for exciting encounters with other singles in the UK

  • Cutting-edge algorithms that will create personalized connections 

  • Top priority for safety, with mystery and excitement still in the air 

  • Welcome Offer for new members
  • Unique VIP Content for premium members
  • Maximum payment security (Google Pay, Apple Pay etc.)
Adult Friend Finder
  • Best for: No strings attached and open minded individuals
  • Free membership: Free registration, limited
  • Users: 94 million
  • Easy casual encounters with locals
  • No commitment to dates or the site
  • Flexible for at home or on the go
  • Discreet to keep your fun private
  • Free, fast and easy registration
  • Real girls from 180 countries
  • Highly engaged and active community
  • Women here are very easy-going
  • Only real people
  • Unique matching
  • Customer satisfaction centered brand
  • Easy and convenient interface
  • Perfect for casual dating & hookups
  • Plenty of members for you to have fun with
  • Search millions of profiles, chat in real-time and share your photos
  • Find, communicate and meet with like-minded people.
  • Discreet
  • Make friends and more quickly
  • Find out who in the UK is up for fun
  • No-strings attached sex
  • Reliable and safe service
  • Enjoy fast and easy hookups
  • Meet with local UK singles or couples
  • Safe, discreet service for private use
  • Meet others in an active, supportive community
  • Women here are very easy-going
  • Only real people
  • Unique matching
  • Customer satisfaction centered brand
  • Free sign-up!
  • +100.000 women
  • 100% discrete
Ashley Madison
  • Best for open-minded looking for “no strings attached” fun
  • Free membership
  • 54 million users 
  • Large database of Asian and European singles in the UK
  • Full control of your profile to set your desired privacy settings
  • Attend virtual events to meet even more members

Looking for different dating websites?

What are the best hookup apps?

While there are plenty of hookup dating sites on the Internet, not everyone is looking for a romantic relationship on Tinder.

If you’re not ready to commit and would rather pursue casual encounters, read our guide and check our reviews and rankings of the best hookup sites. It’s worth knowing that not all services for local hookups are created equal.

The best one night stand apps tend to offer their users a broad range of the best free services, giving them the basics with which to at least see if there are other like-minded people out there.

They aren’t for everyone; they’re for those who seek to enjoy the company of someone they find attractive, but don’t want the perceived burden or rules of a committed partnership.

These types of more fluid connections don’t stop you from going on parties, making plans together or even meeting your date’s friends and family. What it does mean is that your relation doesn’t come with the unspoken rights that long-term partners grant each other.

A selection of the best hookup apps:

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is suitable for singles as well as users in a relationship looking for a fling.

Suited for married people seeking lustful adventures. With millions of users it is one of the most popular services in the world for flings and affairs.

AM offers a high-class sex dating experience. Ashley Madison has 54 million active members worldwide. One particularly innovative feature of Ashley Madison is the ability to give virtual gifts.    

AM is easy to use and the costs are always under control thanks to the transparent and fair credit-system. What are your chances of finding a partner for a fling with Ashley Madison? Quite high!


One of the biggest hookup-networks with around 80 million members all around the world. There are many ways for users to live out and satisfy their lust and passion.

With the function “Members near you” you can see all users who not far from your location. These can be sorted by different categories.

AFF has the most diverse functions for finding potential sex contacts. The variety is therefore probably as high as with hardly any other platform.

The dating portal describes itself as “the largest sex dating site and swingers community in the world”. Its users include over 40 million people worldwide.


C-Date stands for “Casual Dating” – so you don’t even need to pretend to be there for something else.

One of the leading services for sex dates and affairs. With 74% engagement rate it is likely to be your main site for sexual adventures and hookups.

C-Date is aimed at women and men aged 18 and over who are looking for a fling, a one-night stand or a short affair.    
Although most of the female members present themselves as singles, there is also a large number of married users who are looking for a change from the everyday life of marriage.

C-Date is rapidly expanding and so will your sex life. The site has a near 50/50 balance of male & female members and is with 36 million users one of the most successful hookup apps.


For all those who don’t like light-minded hookup sites, OkCupid offers a good middle course.

The liberal dating site was founded in 2004 and is suitable for LGBTQ+ members. OkCupid offers 13 gender identities and 22 sexual orientations.

The service does not allow its users to address random people, only matches can interact with each other. These matches are created by Likes. Surprisingly, even in the free version, sending messages is included.

Users can search matches by various criteria and rank themselves by answering internal profile questions on ethics, values, lifestyle and other aspects, so that a match can be based on whether two members have the same political, ethical views etc.

It does not matter whether you are looking for a flirt, a one-night-stand or a longer affair, OkCupid will provide you not only with exciting erotic adventure, but also with likeminded people looking for the same direction in life.

Victoria Milan

VM is still quite young, there are relatively few fake or empty profiles. The over 6 million members are therefore still rather active on the portal. VictoriaMilan feels that it has a proud quota of women.

The design of VictoriaMilan is fresh and appealing, the handling is intuitive and simple. However, due to the somewhat soberly designed website one has more the feeling of being on a singles exchange than on a fling agency, it is recognized as a good MILF dating site.

For reasons of anonymity, VictoriaMilan does not request any personal data from you that would allow others to draw conclusions about your person. VM provides some useful features like the “panic button”, which logs you out and redirects you immediately to Youtube.

You do not have to provide your address or telephone number here, even if you register. So you decide what and how much of yourself you want to disclose.

A girl is looking for casual dating and hookups

The best sex apps are for those who want their connection to be convenient and without the “where have you been?” or “who were you talking to?” attitudes of the traditional partnership.

How to choose the right casual app?

Free hookup sites in UK and mobile apps are targeted at those who prefer their erotic encounters to remain separate from the rest of their personal lives and with ‘no strings attached’.

Like-minded daters can arrange local hookups through the best sex sites & apps easily and easily get laid with the help of these services.

However, they aren’t just for orgasm-hungry singles. Many of those who use apps of this sort are either in a long-term commitment or can even be married.

There are plenty of reasons why someone who’s married or in a committed relationship might turn to adult dating websites.

It could be that the spark has gone out of their sex life, that their partner is unable to have intercourse, or that they are looking for some excitement beyond the walls of matrimony.

What is important to married people looking for a sexual encounter is that the services they use offer absolute discretion. These are people who don’t like to have their domestic boat rocked in any way; they aren’t going to leave their partners, but they do want to ‘play away’.

What’s also important is that their sexual partners understand the Golden Rule of the best hookup strategy: that there is no further obligation between either party once the evening is over.

This is where hooking-up is different from affairs. If it’s a one night stand, the boundaries are already set. Adult Hookups are for pleasure and pleasure alone, not only for singles but also for married couples.

Visit our tips and guide page for more dating advices on hook-up dating!

What are the benefits of hookup apps?

The cornerstone of hookup culture is setting up boundaries. For some people, sex dating is a more fluid version of the conventional.

For others, it’s a ‘friends-with-benefits’ scenario, that permits other partners. Ultimately, it’s for you to decide what it is – but your other partner/partners must be in agreement.

Before you sign up to any one-night stand app, it’s worth asking why you’re considering it in the first place. For many sex daters, it’s a chance to enjoy all the positives of an intimate relationship, but without all the ties and commitment that traditionally come with it.

However, there are other reasons for people to use this type of service. It might be that you’ve just come out of a partnership and want to dip your toe back in the waters, but not as deeply as before.

It might also be that you’ve never been in a partnership and want to get some experience under your belt before pursuing a long-term partnership.

There’s also the possibility that you’re in a marriage and aren’t getting what you want from your wife or husband, emotionally and intimately, and maybe strive for polyamory with your partner.

Pros of casual dating:

  • No serious commitment or expectations
  • You decide when, how and where you are engaging without having to deal with schedules
  • Put your needs first
  • Live out your fantasies & fetishes with many partners

Cons of casual dating:

  • You can’t expect loyalty and commitment
  • Your dates can engage with other sex partners
  • You will have to deal with your emotions on your own
  • You have no one to lean on in hardships

Whatever your answer, there are some other factors you need to consider before taking the plunge. The first is what you’re prepared to accept from your match and dates. While it might suit you down to the ground to have several sexual partners, can you handle the same from someone else?

If the idea of the person you’re dating being emotionally and physically intimate with others doesn’t make you feel too good, then sex dating is maybe not for you.

Honesty is another important consideration. In order for a relationship to survive any length of time, parameters are going to have to be set. Do you want to hear about your date’s other sexual partners?

Setting boundaries on dating sites right from the get-go is the only way to make the most of your encounter. It also diffuses the idea that dating of this sort is unfeeling and lacking in respect. By defining the limits of your commitment, you are automatically taking their feelings and opinions into consideration.

If you feel that you’re capable of establishing restrictions and living by those that are set by others, then this type of dating arrangement might be for you. If not, then you’re probably better to look for something more long-term.

How to hookup online – Our tips

While most sex dating apps are free legit hookup apps and offer a secure environment in which users can find like-minded partners & sexual encounters, one night stands doesn’t come without risks, especially in times of social distancing. We guide you to a successful and safe casual experience.

Online, you could be at the mercy of fake profiles, scammers, and blackmailers on hookup apps.

Offline, you could risk your health if not being care- and mindful.

In current times you could and should set up a few video dates, maybe including some dirty talk and other arousing activities via screen before actually meeting in person with your potential sex date.

Apps focussing on sexual intercourse are perfect for that kind of online foreplay. That way you can check on your sex partner’s health and vitality and at least already get some action, even if you decide to keep the recommended social distance.

Apart from the danger of Covid19, you could also find yourself encountering someone who is intent on stalking you or doing you harm. To minimize the potential hazards posed by UK adult dating sites, there are some things worth thinking about before you start engaging with other users.

  • Be sure to choose a username that doesn’t reveal anything about who you are. Don’t use your surname, don’t include anything that might suggest where you live, where you work or what your phone number might be. Where possible, make it totally random.
  • Be very wary about doing anything overtly sexual in front of your webcam. While it might seem like a piece of harmless, saucy fun, blackmailers can record explicit sexual content and use it as collateral to extort money from you.
  • Don’t share personal details, such as your address, phone number or email in online forums or public chat areas. It’s also worth being circumspect about sharing that information in private messages. Take your time and only give out that sort of information when you think the time is     absolutely right, until then enjoy the safety of anonymity.
  • Never feel pressured into disclosing any banking, financial or personal information. The best local hookup apps in the UK help you finding sex dates and nothing else. There’s no reason for anyone to ask for details of that nature.
  • Be wary of adverts. While many are probably harmless, there have been cases where adverts     have contained malware, allowing hackers to gain private information on those who have accidentally downloaded the viruses.

Offline, be sure to have your first encounter in a public place, where there are plenty of other people. Don’t feel pressured to take things any further than you’re happy to and feel free to leave whenever you feel like it.

Make the first meeting an introduction and nothing more. Set the time by which you’re going to leave and agree on it with your date. There’s plenty of future opportunity to Netflix and Chill’ on free casual     sex sites but make your first encounter as safe as you can.

Following these points you will have a pleasant and successful sex dating experience.

​Which hookup sites actually work?

In recent years, there’s been a dramatic increase in the number of sites for free casual encounters on the Internet. Recent figures estimate that worldwide there are around 700 million singles and around 8,000 matchmaking services.

However, not all these apps are designed for the traditional relation. Those who would rather ‘play the field’, before even thinking about setting down are using sex apps in the pursuit of something that doesn’t come with the responsibility of a full-blown connexion.

The best sex apps are for singles who are looking for a ‘friends with benefits’ or also referred to as an ‘fwb’ situation and not for the love of your life. While the uninitiated might think that this is another way of looking for hookups and sexting, there’s a little more to it than that.

Those who use these kinds of local hook up apps in London and UK-wide are looking for more than one-night stands; they are looking for a lustful encounter. This means that they are looking for all the emotional and physical intimacy offered by a romance, but without the commitment.

As a result, it’s not uncommon to find casual daters who are involved with more than one partner. However, rather than it just being about erotic encounters, you might find erotic matches looking for a Netflix and chill evening as much as anything else.

Using sex dating sites means that you’ll have to be upfront about what you are looking for, but you’ll also find that so is everyone else who uses them.

If you are looking for a level of emotional engagement and sexual intercourse but without making the promises you’re likely to break, they could be for you.

How do sex sites work?

Since local hookup services for pleasure and lust were launched in 2012, a plethora of competitors have hit the internet. You’ll find UK hookup apps used on a daily basis, by those who are looking for ‘no strings attached’ partners.

However, if you desire to increase your chances on casual UK sex apps, the likelihood is that you’ll have to pay for the service. Signing up to an adult dating app and site usually unlocks the tools crucial to finding a local hookup, such as messaging.

Less scrupulous services will charge you from the outset or offer you a selection of free services that’s so limited, you might as well go and hang out in a bar. The best fuck sites are the ones that will give you enough so that you can give it a ‘test drive’, before deciding whether to sign up.

Generally, registering is free. It usually requires that you supply an email address, a username and a basic profile and then you are good to go. For those who want sexual encounters, but are married, many services 1recommend that you set up a separate email account purely for this purpose.

One of the more frustrating things about being a free member is often the limited way in which you can view profiles. Most of the biographies and photographs on these sites contain explicit adult dating content – which is part of the point.

If you can’t read or see the information you need, then how are you able to choose your one night stands? However, subscribing usually frees this up, allowing you to view profiles in full and even send explicit adult content of your own to other users who have expressed an interest in you.

The ultimate aim of the hookup culture is to meet up and have a lustful erotic adventure with different matches.

Usually, adult hook ups and sexual encounters are arranged through private messaging on the best hookup apps or websites. It may even take place via phone, if you’ve swapped numbers.

However, something that has been a concern for users of hookup sites is offline safety. Meeting for a hookup with someone you’ve never met before in real life can be a risky thing to do and the better webservices of this sort will offer advice on how to stay safe when hooking-up.

​Sex dating vs traditional dating

Just as recreational sex isn’t for everyone, the same can also be said of the conventional style relation. Which path you choose depends entirely on what you want from your relationships and that can mean some serious soul-searching.

Start with the basics and ask yourself what your ideal partnership would be like. Would it be overflowing with erotic encounters, even though you might have to live with the fact that they may also have sexual partners beyond you?

Or is it just one person who is always there for you, despite the fact that you’ll have to weather the downs of that partnership, in addition to the ups?

It might also be worth asking yourself the reason you think you want the kind of relationship you do. Are you sticking to the idea of a romantic commitment because that’s what’s expected of you, whether it be by your family, friends or society in general?

Similarly, is there pressure from those around you to go and ‘play the field’? The final decision should be yours alone. If you’re after something long-term and consistent, then use a regular online dating service. If you’re after something less involved, then free hookup sites are probably your best bet.

FAQ: UK Casual Dating

Tired of going on the pull every Friday night at your local? What if you didn’t have to get out of bed to get a date. If you are new to casual dating, here are a few pointers to get you started.

What’s the difference between casual dating and one night stands?

The main difference between casual dating and one night stands is that people who are hooking up multiple times, without expecting to be exclusive, are more likely to describe themselves as casually dating. On the other hand, one night stands tend to refer more to one-off illicit encounters. 

How to hook up for sex in the UK?

To hook up for sex, the time-honoured British traditions of pulling at the pub or club could well be on the wane but that’s no reason to give up on having a good time. You can hook up for sex in the UK by using the apps mentioned here. 

Whether you end up hooking up online or not, increase your chances of bonking tonight by checking out the rest of this casual dating FAQ. 

Where’s the best place to hook up for casual sex?

The best place to hook up for casual sex depends on whether you’re after sex in a public or private place. If dogging or cottaging appeal to you, then casual dating apps are essential to finding the best local spot to hook up. 

If you are after privacy when it comes to casual sex, the best place to hook up will be somewhere that is comfortable for you and your sex partner. This means a place where you and your partner(s) can control who can get in as well as who can see or hear what you are doing. 

Since this can’t always be in your home, alternative accommodation arrangements may be better suited for hookups, such as hotels. This doesn’t need to be super expensive as there are options to pay for a place by the hour. 

How can I stay safe with casual dating or hooking up?

Aside from finding a place where you and your casual partner feel comfortable, there are several other ways to stay safe when hooking up. Clear communication is the first step to feeling safe. Make sure the details of your hook up are clear to both of you.

If possible, you should also let a trusted person know broadly where you’ll be. Ideally, you would also share your location on your mobile with them, just in case you don’t update them after a certain amount of time that you’ve agreed on.

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