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Russian Cupid
With over 1.5 million singles online, you have more chances to meet the Russian woman or man of your dreams on RussianCupid than anywhere else.
  • Best for: Mesmerizing young Russian singles 
  • Free membership: Free registration, limited
  • Users: 1,5 million
E-hookups is the best way to have a sex-date! Visit Hundreds of Profiles and Have Sex with Girls in your Neighborhood.
  • Best for: Easy and fast local hookups
  • Free membership: Free registration, limited
  • Users: 6 million
Match uses advanced algorithms to work with your needs and desires so that you can find your partner based on true compatibility.
  • Best for: Meeting your next true Match
  • Free membership: Free registration, limited
  • Users: 8,6 million
Russian singles are found easiest on eharmony by applying a scientific approach to the matchmaking process.
  • Best for: Serious matchmaking and long lasting relationships
  • Free membership: Free registration, limited
  • Users: 10 million

Looking for similar sites?

By now you must be wondering, “Which is the best dating platform to meet gorgeous Russian women?”

Do you prefer dating from the comfort of your home, or would you rather be using a mobile device?

There might be a specific feature that you need which only a few of the top places have. Or, rather than just being focused on finding a date with a hot Slavic girl, you are also interested in the community aspect of the dating site and would like deeper engagement. 

The best Russian dating sites

One thing of the best dating platforms to meet Russian women that you should always look for is whether the site offers you any ability to interact with other users for free.

Registering is almost always costless on free Russian dating sites, so you can explore the website to see if you can then contact someone.

If you can, then this would be a dating site we recommend you check out first. Anyways, worry not, we will guide you through the world of the best Russian online dating sites:

Russian Cupid (RC)

RussianCupid Logo

As part of the large Cupid network, Russian Cupid can benefit from the experience and know-how of the provider. A lot of Slavic girls from Moscow, Saint Petersburg and other great cities are registered here.

With several million members, RC is the largest singles exchange for Russian singles. The technically finely designed portal also has its own app, which enables mobile access.

A detailed personality test is unfortunately not available on this website. On the basis of your profile characteristics you will receive optimal partner suggestions.

Here you can see which other users viewed your member profile. Comfortably and quickly block access to your account by unpleasant members on this website. 

On Russian Cupid, girls are in the majority with 70 percent. This gives you the best chances to get in contact with girls who are willing to get married, to and flirt with them, to arrange a meeting and maybe even to marry them.


The free dating site for hot Russian girls and Western men offers an abundance of female members and it has many beautiful women from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other states of the former CIS.

Like many Slavic dating sites, it looks a bit old-fashioned. The photos look natural, we do not have the impression that there are many fake profiles.

As always with the topic of love and flirting, it must spark in the end, no matter what quality the photos have.

The profiles can all be viewed, even the male profiles, without registering. As with other sites, we have noticed that this does not exactly speak for a particularly good data protection strategy.

On the other hand, it also allows you to see who’s doing so well on Russian-Dating and we like what we see.

Truly Russian

Truly Russian is a surprisingly modern dating site for Russian singles and singles from all over the world who adore hot Slavic girls and men. The site has an extensive structure and consists of many functions.

With a special translator feature, for example, you can flirt and communicate directly with Russian women without a language barrier.

The site offers a mobile dating app for Android and iOS devices, with which you can control your flirtations on the go.

To communicate with other members, however, you need to take out a subscription.

The profiles contain different information like interests and zodiac signs. Subscription is quick and easy. What is irritating is that we have not found an option to switch the site to the Russian language.


Mamba is a veteran of Slavic online dating. With a wide range of charming profiles, the site is well known and popular among expatriate Russian girls living abroad and those who have stayed in their home country.

It lines up with services like and VKontakte that are still heavily frequented by expats from the former Soviet Union.

Registration is quick and the profile design takes a little more time, as all questions must be answered by free text. 

There are a total of 25 questions from different categories, and you can report on your own pets, favourite writers and philosophies of life.

Many members of speak only the Russian language, so it is preferable that the profile entries are made in Russian or alternatively in English to reach a wide audience.

attractive blonde looking undecidedly but smiling

What to consider when using Russian Dating & bride sites

A single new free profile can help you to find the love of your life, so make sure that this feature is the fist you look for. Use your profile to search for the love of your life and find true happiness with a hot Russian bride.

If you have ever wondered if it was possible to enjoy “Russian dating in the UK?”, then the answer is yes! 

Russian online dating has been a growing phenomenon around the world, where men go online to meet beautiful women from Russia for serious relationships.

If you want to find your better half, such as a beautiful young Slavic woman, then you’re at the right place!

There are many websites for you to start your romantic adventures on, but not all of them are legitimate Russian dating services and safe.

Some sites might try to take advantage of you. Some might be even Russian dating scams.

Fortunately, we have reviewed the best Russian dating sites on the market to help you truly find hot brides and sweethearts.

Although the service may be similar to what people considered to be Russian mail order brides of the past, we can assure you that these are all perfectly modernized and legitimate, connecting you with eager single beauties looking for love with marriage as a goal.

You can be a groom-to-be for gorgeous Russian wives to be in no time at all! 

Pros & Cons of Russian Dating

Do you wonder what some of the positives are for dating Slavic girls? 

Well, one of the top reasons to consider starting a romantic relationship with eastern European women online is their world-wide renown for beauty and devotion to their partners. Read on for more benefits of dating Russian women:


  • It is easy to search for a profile of a beautiful woman from Russia or Ukraine, where you can meet them on your terms and begin a new and wonderful romantic experience.

    There are many girls to search through, so your odds are very good!
  • Another is how serious they take relationships, which means you can fully expect your online relationship to blossom into a long-term intimate connection.

    Marriage is common among online relationships with women of Eastern European descent in general so expect commitment.

    If you enjoy traditional dating and romance experiences and are looking for someone to spend the rest of your life with, then get started today!

  • Importance of family. Traditional family values make Russian girls desirable for men all over the world. The devotion to their partner, parents, children, and other family members are highly valued by men in Western societies.

  • Unlike British women, they have no inhibitions about being feminine. “Moscow girls make me sing and shout” – even the Beatles sang about the delicate allure of Russian girls.

  • Their special charm lies above all in the fact that they understand femininity precisely not as a characteristic of weakness, but as a lifelong asset.

  • They tend to be religious, but not too strict. A good middle way between living to the fullest and keeping a cozy and spiritual place in their hearts for their belief.


  • Slavic people are reserved. They rarely smile in public. They try to keep their distance from strangers before letting you get close to them. Overcoming this hurdle is often the most difficult thing.

  • Russian women are very demanding. They don’t just want a guy who is crazy about them, they expect presents and a lot of attention.

    To become the Prince Charming to your lady of the heart, it is far from enough to just take care of her, you need real gentlemanly qualities.

  • Materialism is still strong with Slavic women. Brands and logos are important to some and they don’t hesitate to let you know.

    Especially Moscow girls tend to be gold diggers and strive for the next higher social class.

Tips on Russian online dating

Many people who want to try out online dating with women from Russia are interested in marriage, meaning that they are looking for an online experience that will lead them to someone special.

How do you get started, and what are some things to know?

Before that, if you think this service is like a Russian mail-order bride – or wife site, then you aren’t entirely correct.

Bride online dating isn’t akin to browsing and selecting a woman to marry as if it were shopping. This is legitimate courting and does require both parties’ agreement.

To begin, you will want to go check out our list of the top places for Russian dating for British singles online.

We have compiled the very best to ensure you have a safe, enjoyable experience that will hopefully bear fruit in helping you to encounter lovely women of Slavic descent.

Check out our Tips & Guides page for Russian Dating!

Once you have found a site that works for you, we recommend making use of their free features and checking to see if you like the website before you commit to upgrading your membership. 

Upgrading memberships almost always sees a significant improvement in meeting beauties online.

After that, it would be helpful for you to learn a few things about Russian culture, values, and marriage customs.

You should know that getting into a relationship with women from this area can sometimes be complex. 

Every culture has its own idea of what makes someone attractive, and this is no different. Their cultural identity is strongly manifested in their characters.

Take for example a first date: unlike in the Western world where dating can be unpredictable, you will notice that courtship tends to be old fashioned and traditional

This means that men will take on the role of being highly chivalrous in order to woo their potential date.

Chivalry is not dead in Eastern Europe, flowers and small presents are more common than in the UK.

As a guy looking to find a nice woman from Russia for a long-term relationship and marriage, you should naturally be polite and courteous to the women you encounter online. 

Generally, you are expected to be a little old-fashioned, which may include offering gifts and picking up checks.

And remember, always be nice and courteous!

Why are Russian dating services rising in popularity?

Slavic women make online dating so appealing for men in the UK. 

They are so beautiful and desirable, among other things, because they enjoy being feminine and radiate this honestly.

By emphasising their femininity, they gain the attention of men to fight for and conquer them.

Feminine attractiveness is accessible to any woman who invests some time and effort. Unlike in Western cultures, beautiful Russian women are brought up to dress and behave in a feminine way.

Whereas Western women are more inclined to let themselves go and some are even told from an early age that femininity no longer has much of a place in society.

Women in Russia grow up with more traditional values like loyalty and stoicism.

Some stereotypes hold a little truth, some Slavic girls enjoy vodka, some love Banyas (sauna) on their dachas in winter, and most of them love cooking and russian cuisine, caviar and champagne.

Being a housewife does not interfere with being physically attractive and enjoyable at parties and in everyday life in Eastern Europe.

The variety of Eastern European charms have something very appealing to Western men.

Even back in times of the Russian Empire, Western men fell in love and desired Slavic women and traveled far distances to marry them.

There, women are women and men are men. And Western men find that appealing and desirable, because many would like to marry a hot Russian mail-order bride who devotes herself to the family and spoils her husband.

What makes Western men appealing to Slavic girls is their overall lifestyle. Living in Western Europe is in general easier than living in the eastern part where alcoholism and domestic violence are still more tolerated in society.

Slavic women often marry Western men to flee the bad living conditions of their country and to ensure a better future for their children. The average working class salary in the UK is way above average in the ex-sovjet states. So it is a win-win for both parties.

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