Indian Dating Apps for Hindu, Pakistani and Sikh Singles in the UK

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Looking for similar sites?

With a population of over 2,600,000 million, Indians and Pakistanis form one of the largest migrant groups in the UK. It’s not surprising that more Brits tend to date men and women from India. 

Indian dating sites provide south Asian singles the needed platform to date. We help you to enter and succeed in the jungle of online dating.

What are the best British Indian dating apps?

A good UK based Indian dating site will give you the chance to meet the right loving and caring  partner who matches your needs and desires.

Depending on what kind of relationship you are looking for, we recommend that you compare and check the different dating sites we reviewed and to figure out which one fits your wishes and needs best.


MingleGuru was founded in 2018 and is aimed at Indian expats in the UK, British people with South Asian roots and all who want to date Indian singles. 

To create a profile, each member needs a photo. Profiles can only be viewed and rated by other users. 

MingleGuru does not have its own mobile app, but can be used on smartphones and tablets because of its responsive design. A so-called panic button, like on other dating sites, is not available here. 

MingleGuru is LGBTQ+ friendly and allows homosexual and non-gender conforming people to sign up and identify and register as such for same-sex marriage. 

Profiles can be created without confirmation of the email address, which can increase the number of fake profiles or empty profiles accordingly. The connection is always secured by SSL. 


IndianSingles UK is aimed at NRIs living in the UK. The site offers detailed profiles and Indian dating events for its members. 

Those who register early enough for the events will receive one of 15 limited free tickets. 

IndianSingles UK has an app for iOS and Android. The site offers busy and career focused Indians the opportunity to meet new people and flirt. 

The site is not only focused on the search for the big love, it also offers a network for exchange and new friends.

IndianSingles also has an exciting service for organising blind dates, where suitable partners are matched based on their profiles and wishes and go on a romantic date without having met before.

We found that there seem to be some fake profiles but that is a common issue on dating services on the internet.


IndianDating (ID) offers a simple but effective service to meet singles. Especially in major cities like London or Mumbai, singles can easily lose track of each other. 

In the countryside, for example in Gujarat, things are different, small communities and villages can usually count their Indian singles on one hand. 

IndianDating offers a serious platform to bring these Indian singles and their lovers together. 

ID reminds of a social network, the profiles must have a picture. For many NRIs ID has become a good address to flirt and match with like-minded Indians.

All data is encrypted and the profiles are checked. Get in touch easily and playfully with the many features of the site. 

Our recipe for success: There are many ways to get to know each other. Start gently or don’t torch for long? With words or first of all without? Quite clearly: In the way you feel most comfortable.  

A negative point is that it is not clear how many profiles are still active and which are abandoned.


IndianCupid is run by the renowned Cupid network and offers NRI’s and also Indians in India the best opportunities to date other Indian single ladies and men. 

With over 45,000 members and free registration, the Indian Dating app makes it easy to find your dream date. The members of IndianCupid are spread all over Europe, with the vast majority in the UK.

With a male/female ratio of 65%/35% there are, as on most other dating sites, more men than women. 

At Indian Cupid you can only register with a valid email link, the usual data such as gender, orientation and date of birth are recorded. 

IC offers a chat function, where singles can talk 1-to-1 with each other, quasi a blind date. In addition, contact can be established via video chat. This makes flirting much more direct and much easier.

Free Indian matrimonial sites in the UK should be easy to use and provide a secure environment to get to know potential matches/partners in privacy.

Basic interactions, like contacting each other, should be costless for the potential matches.

We compared the best platforms in our Indian dating sites reviews and tell you everything you need to know about the Indian or Pakistan dating market.

Particularities of dating Pakistan or Hindu singles in the UK

Particularities are as diverse as the multicultural society of India. 

India as well as Pakistan has a large diversity of religious beliefs and ethnic groups, nevertheless there are common social and traditional similarities that a lot of Indians share and follow up to.

However, in the world’s largest democracy, all these commonalities can differ. Be aware and do not fall for stereotypes, especially when possibly meeting with the love of your life.

What to consider when dating Indian women & men:

  • Family is important. Staying in close contact with their parents, especially with the mother, is fundamental for most men and women from India. Be ready to engage not only with your partner, but also with their close relatives. 

    It is typical that all family members come together to festivities like Diwali, the festival of lights.
  • Fresh cooking and enjoying good food is essential. Be prepared to constantly try new delicious dishes like Biryani and Murg Makhani (butter chicken).

  • A lot of Indians and Pakistanis have a success-driven attitude and high academic goals, therefore they can be demanding to their partners and claim a likewise attitude

  • Relationships can get serious and intense pretty fast. The potential partners in India are usually chosen at an earlier age than in the UK, so dating around with Indians is often not as common as in the Western world.

  • Although self arranged marriages are on the rise in India, the bride and the groom often need the acceptance of the parents to get married in a muslim wedding (Nikah) or a hindi wedding ceremony (Vivaah). It is usually divided into three rituals: Kanyadaan, Panigrahana and Saptapadi.

Remember – none of the mentioned points have to apply for your match on your Indian dating app of choice, so remain open-minded and avoid generalities to celebrate your Shaadi one day with the love of your life.

Check out our tips and guides about Indian dating & intercultural relationships!

Indian guy looking for his date on dating site for indian people

Pros & Cons of Indian Dating Apps in the UK

We researched the benefits and downsides of dating dating Indian women and men in the UK, check it out:


  • Online dating platforms offer great opportunities for non-resident Indian singles to date other NRIs. Check our British Indian dating site reviews to figure out which matrimonial site is the best for your desires.

  • No language barriers. Since India is an Anglophone country, both NRIs and Indians in India understand each other perfectly in English.

    Beside the many official languages like Assamese, Bengali, Bodo, Gujarati, the Punjabi language or Hindi, English is learned often as the second language in India. This is not a big surprise in such a liberal society of multiculturalism.

  • The sheer number of English-language media and newspapers, such as The Indian Express, are a bridge between the two countries and cultures.

  • Most Indian women and men are very strong in character and do not let their joy of life be taken away.

  • Positive characteristics such as diligence, determination and also down-to-earthness describe women and men from India quite well, you will have a passionate and strong partner with an Indian woman or man at your side.


  • The family will always be present and involved in all important decisions, no matter where or how you live. Especially the mother will play a big and engaging role in most decisions, if you like it or not.
  • Combining traditional values of the British Raj culture with the British lifestyle of modernity is not always a piece of cake. Once the rose-coloured glasses are gone, Indian couples in the UK also have to deal with the issue of lifestyle.

    When a strictly traditional partner meets the love of his life, the fronts should be clear from the outset.

Dating can get a little challenging for NRIs in the UK, firstly because the chances to meet like minded potential South Asian partners are lower than in Bharat, and secondly because there are some cultural differences between Brits and Indian, Pakistani and Sikh ways of dating and flirting. 

The Indian online dating market offers an easy and secure way to overcome social status, social class and cultural differences while keeping your privacy and getting to meet British singles who are interested in dating Indian men & women and otherwise.

How to use a Pakistani or Indian dating site?

Indian and Pakistani dating and matrimonial sites consider and provide the needed services in terms of religion, family status and other essential information for Sikh or Punjabi users.

Make best use of it with our tips on how to use the services properly. 

How to date Indian girls & guys on Indian & Pakistani dating sites:

  1. Register with your personal information and an email and/or a phone number for verifying your identity.
  2. Answer questions about your education, looks, religious beliefs, your character traits and family status.
  3. Upload a picture of yourself
  4. Answer questions on your preferences towards your potential match on hobbies, looks, education, religion, future goals etc.
  5. Start using the matchmaking functions of the chosen dating platform and/or search manually for profiles.
  6. Receive and write messages to potential partners

A growing number of younger people with Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi heritage are not too attached to their ancestor´s traditions and like to date and meet outside of their family’s cultural expectations.

British Indian dating sites are aware of this progress towards liberal views and provide algorithms based on a wide spectrum of personal information to deliver their users the most appropriate matches, whether they look for casual flirts or serious relationships.

Why is British Indian dating on the rise in the UK?

The Indian population in the UK is increasing and so are the desires to flirt and meet Indian single Hindus & Muslims. Netflix even produced its own series called “Indian Matchmaking” with Sima Taparia. 

Not only is Indian Dating in London and other metropolitan areas big, but it grows in popularity in rural England as well. Interracial dating between Indian men and English women becomes more & more of a thing. 

The number of non-resident Indians (NRI) in the UK is at a seven year high and therefore more and more South Asians are looking for that special someone.

Moreover, studying abroad is an admired goal among Indian girls and boys, so a lot of students are enrolling in the United Kingdom’s universities.

This leads to more and more romantic engagements between Brits and Indians/ Pakistanis all over the country.

FAQ: British South Asian Dating

Wondering how to navigate the British South Asian dating scene? Have a look at our answers to common questions below to have a great experience online and offline.

How can I pick the perfect partner?

You can pick your perfect partner by having realistic expectations. The romantic ideals of Bollywood and TV shows exist only on the screen. It’s a lovingly-crafted fantasy but it will not directly translate to your life.

The perfect partner for you will be someone who respects and supports you through it all, and in doing so, earns your trust over time. You don’t have a crystal ball so the only way to find out is through the hard work of really getting to know someone.

What to put on my profile when looking for a British South Asian partner.

You want to present a positive version of yourself that is still true to you. This comes back to the idea of realistic expectations. So let’s say 70% real you, 30% blagging.

Think of it just like a job interview, you want to be confident but not grossly misrepresent yourself either.

Introducing yourself in your profile is only half the story, you also need to say what you’re looking for in a partner. Some dating services will have options and filters, others leave it to you to add in the description.

Our advice is simple, make a list of what you’re looking for and pick the top two criteria. Those are the two you want to put clearly in your profile. The rest you can tick off once you match with someone and talk to them.

How do I deal with my family when it comes to finding a partner?

Every family is different and there is one-size-fits-all solution to meet their expectations as well as broader social or traditional pressures. What you want to do is stop yourself from getting overwhelmed.

You want to regularly think about what is within your control and what isn’t. For those things that are beyond your control, you want to evaluate how much they affect you directly.

With each family having distinct expectations or traditions, the only advice that is relevant is that you advocate for yourself. The more your family sees you as a complete human being with reasonable needs and expectations, the more common ground you will find.

How do I convince my family that I know what’s best for me?

Assuming that your family only wants the best for you, your priority is to communicate clearly how important finding the right partner is for you.

Having carefully planned your dating profile, you will be better able to convince your family that you know the qualities you are looking for. Qualities that will inspire trust and loyalty.

You want to leave the clear impression that this is a decision not to be taken lightly. This is why you are fully involved and why you are enlisting their help and experience.

You want to make your family feel like valued advisers. Listen to their advice (even if you don’t take it), so they are more likely to listen to you. If you take the initiative, you can establish common ground and set the stage for mutual respect.

How do I pick the right app for British South Asian dating?

The right dating app or service for you will depend on the type of partner you are looking for. The best thing is to check out some of the dating services listed on this page and think about the audience they target.

Are they aimed at a specifically British South Asian audience? Do they have a broader audience? Are the features they tout aimed at finding long-term partners or more for casual dates? These are all valid questions you should ask yourself.

Once you understand what audience and type of dating the service is aiming for, you need to see if its features and design gel with you. Is the website or app easy to use? Do I need to pay to access basic features?

Whether you go for one of the dating services on this page or not, you should initially try it out for free so you can see if the service fits your needs before paying for premium features.