Granny Dating Sites UK – Everything you need to know

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What to consider while starting off on granny dating sites

Whether you are on your first date with a granny or have lost count on how many you’ve been on, there are some ground rules to consider as you try to court British grannies on dating websites. Chief among them is that confidence and respect are key to mature dating. 

You will also want to consider what is the best dating app or website for you to be using, which is why we’ve included a few recommendations. Read on to learn more! 

Confidence is king when flirting on UK Granny dating sites    

Grannies are confident about their desires, and so should you be. With their sexual experiences on a peak, all your kinky fantasies are likely to come true when you meet and date a GILF.

Bored from past and old sexual partners, mature ladies seek out young and active men to get the feeling of being young and desired again. Nothing spices up a love life on a granny date more than being with someone young and strapping. 

That said, you should listen carefully to her signals and draw your boundaries where they are needed with confidence.

You don’t have to be shy about your intentions on a hot GILF dating site, mature women have more than enough experience to respect and understand your feelings and maybe teach you new tricks.

Honesty is the key to the bedroom of a hot GILF. Be real and passionate. Dating an old woman might be different than dating younger women.

The rules of hooking up have changed a lot in the last 30 years and a GILF might be attached to more traditional ways of dating, so being a gentleman is never a bad idea.

Which are the best UK GILF Dating and Granny Dating Sites?

Based on your intentions and ideas of local granny sex dating you will have to register on the best site for your needs. Signing up on a free dating site for old women is usually easiest and so is swiping through matching profiles, too.

Online dating services for granny hookups are El Dorados for younger men looking for more sexual experiences in their lives. Those who pursue lustful hours with hot UK GILFs are served well in the world of GILF dating sites. A selection of the best granny dating sites:

Seniors To Date

The modern dating service to meet and date lusty grannies. For suitable GILF-dates and more, SeniorsToDate offers a great service bringing younger men and old women together for each other’s pleasure. 

The site is designed for seniors over 50 and has a slight surplus of female members of 57%. To send as many messages as you want, you need a premium membership, which starts at around 10 pounds per month for women and 20 pounds per month for men.

The Premium Membership can be tested for 3 days for free, which is a great opportunity for undecided people to try out the features.

For the security of its users, SeniorsToDate has HTTPS encryption and an Incognito mode to surf undetected on other profiles.

As an icebreaker you can send “Winks”, unfortunately SeniorsToDate does not offer a match function. The registration and setup of the account is designed for older people, so that it will be possible for omas to create their profile without any problems.

Granny Dating

Granny Dating offers straight hookup services for younger men who want to get in touch with old local GILFs to fulfil their sexual desires. Meet and date old horny women on this explicit site and have the time of your life! 

The membership costs around £40 and allows you to send messages and use other features. A premium account is necessary to be successful as an old granny lover. 

However, not everyone wants to take out a subscription immediately. Try the free features and check out the profiles before starting with a paid subscription.

GrannyDating is not offering an app for iOS and Android. The site acknowledges the use of moderators to encourage users to subscribe to a paid subscription. They are also for entertaining purposes but can’t be dated in real life. 

Hot Granny Dating

Older women are a lot more fun! Meet and have lustful affairs on Granny Contacts. Enjoy one of the greatest dating services for old women in the UK. Chit chat with old GILFs and find local grannies on HotGrannyDating. 

HotGrannyDating has a very large selection of users – both female and male singles are sufficiently represented here to help you date a granny successfully. 

As the website promises, most of the women who are registered are already over 50 and the youngest female members are around 40 years old. Single men on the other hand can be found in all age groups. So the ladies have a really good selection of men of all ages.

UK Granny Dating

The site is unique in its selection of sexual preferences for GILFs. Here not only men find together with Grannies, also Grannies can search for Grannies or couples for group sex and vice versa.

On UkGrannyDating everyone knows why they are here, no games, just adult entertainment, flirts and affairs. With a personalised profile you can let off steam here. Registration is free, but does not include a messaging function, users must register to use it.

It’s easy to get started: after you have registered your account, you can browse profiles and send flirts. The other members learn more about you and your interests, likes and dislikes when you expand your profile to improve your matchmaking. 

Two kinds of dating sites

Generally speaking there are two kinds of online dating sites for an old woman who seeks out younger men:

  • Dating sites to meet GILFS with serious intentions of finding true love and attachment
  • Dating Sites for Granny hook ups that target UK GILFs who seek out sexual encounters with younger men that make them feel young and wild again

You get the most out of your online dating experience if you register on multiple platforms at once. With different profiles you improve your chances while sorting out as many fake profiles as possible. 

Keep in mind that messaging might cost you credits. This is usually one of the methods of granny sex sites to keep scammers and fake profiles in check. See it as an investment to secure your path to your personal UK granny sex contacts playground.

Visit our tips and guides for more advice on hookups and casual dating!

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Pros & Cons of dating a GILF

Mature Women are not only desired for their lust and sensuality, they are also wise and calm, they often overcome rough events and losses and know which issues are worthy of concern and attention, and what problems are no-brainers.

British GILFs have smart advice and clever solutions ready whenever they are needed. Besides being intense lovers, grannies are good listeners and reliable partners in crime for younger guys.

Whatever you might think you are going through, be sure they already were at that point or know someone who lived through it and will help you out with their experience. Granny singles are great for this, and you can see why as you enjoy granny dating!

Pros of granny dating:

  • You learn so much from their experience
  • Grannies really want you as you are
  • Buttons will pushed that you probably didn’t know about before you’re granny-experienced
  • No need to worry about responsibilities, your old lady is independent
  • Let her guide through all the valleys of lust that you didn’t discovered yet
  • Spontaneity shouldn’t be an issue

Cons of granny dating:

  • Your common interests may be going in different directions, the age gap may be present in your conversations
  • She might not have the sexual stamina that you have
  • You have to be aware that she will have the body of an old woman

The adult fun you’ll have with older English women is unparalleled, they tend to have brilliant humour and incredible comebacks. This being said, they are harder to impress than younger women with less experience and confidence.

Mature grannys are especially tough to impress, so make sure you are on your A-game for your own grannie dating adventures. 

How to Successfully Date a Local Granny

Here are the things that you should really keep in mind if you want your granny dates to go well: 

  • Don’t show off or play games. Older women have decades of life experience and they will blow your cover up if you lie to them. So, don’t lie to them.
  • Be modest but not devoted. Unless your granny of choice isn’t into kinky domination-games, she is likely to seek out for a strong and confident man who can satisfy her needs and not a boy to discipline.
  • Choose the right place to have your date with a Granny. Read the tips in this article that we wrote as a guide
  • Be gentle and understanding, read and respond to her signals. Being older means being hurt maybe one too many times.

    Don’t expect the body positivity of a younger woman. Life leaves scars, some are bigger, some smaller. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t smother her either. Treat her as the desirable woman she is to you.
  • As much as your granny benefits from your youth, love and sexual satisfaction, it is okay to benefit from her wisdom, connections and even, if it’s based on reciprocity, from her financial power.

    It’s okay to be a toy boy for your granny. A lot of older women in power meet and keep toy boys for their pleasure, fun and satisfaction, so just go for it!
  • Be confident. Women love confidence, especially experienced, lustful cougars. Know your goals and reach for them, even if it means that you sometimes have to say no. She’ll understand that you have to build your career, network and whatever you need time for.
  • Respect your GILF of choice! If you are into casual sex and one-night-stands with grannies
  • Be open about your intentions. A straightforward attitude is important if you want to maintain a fair intimate relationship on eye level with an older woman.   

Why is granny dating so popular?

Opposites attract and date each other. This is applicable to a lot of topics but it really strikes when it comes to dating and sexual attraction. A wide variety of differences makes the love game more intense and lecherous.

Sexual satisfaction means so much for grannies, you can really turn their world upside down between the sheets. Be sure that they truly want your love, lust and passion, as they already sorted out the men they don’t want.

This is why more and more men are turning to old women to get the feeling of being special and desired.

Feeling something for the first time again, dating in an old age. An intense and overwhelming explosion of lust with an experienced woman who stimulates all of your pleasure points at once. 

The ability to completely be yourself and being loved and accepted for everything you really are. That is how some describe the benefits of dating grannies in their golden ages. And remember, beauty knows no age and comes in all shapes and sizes.

FAQ: Dating grannies in the UK

It’s normal to have a few questions remaining about how to date grannies who are in the UK. Fortunately for you, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions here: 

What is the best dating site for over 60 in the UK? 

If you just want something for a long-term relationship, then Silversingles is an excellent option for seniors and people looking to date a granny to fall in love with. However, if you want something for hookups, then something like Hot Granny Dating might be better. 

Is there a Tinder for 50 year olds and up?

For anyone who wants a service like Tinder, you can try MatureDates and MilfFinder, both of which excel at quick and easy hookups via dating apps. They also feature granny dating websites that are simple to use for one night stands. 

How do senior dating sites work?

When you join a senior dating site, you will need to register an account, typically using your email address. Most times you will have to fill out a profile, and sometimes take personality tests to help better match up with others. You’ll also need a good photo. 

Based on what you put into your profile and how you set your search preferences, the site will match you up with OAP or senior locals who fit your interests, and you can message them just as they can message you. From there you can decline or meet them as you see fit. 

Where do older singles meet? 

There are a few ways to meet older singles offline, if online dating isn’t your preferred choice. You could: 

  • Try a senior cruise for an extended trip 
  • Join a community event for OAPs or older people
  • Join a dance class or go to a club that features 50+ nights 
  • Join a garden club for something local and low-key
  • Check out local arts and crafts events and centers
  • Yoga for seniors
  • Wine bars, night clubs, lounges and more
  • Volunteering

What to ask on a first granny date?

Some topics and questions work well on a granny first date or even for chatting online. Here are some of them:

  • Favourite TV shows: This works even if you don’t watch the same ones.
  • Daily routine: Are they a morning person or a night owl?
  • Favourite food: Do they like spicy food? Do they have a fave spot?
  • Hobbies: Ask about any hobbies or activities they enjoy doing.

What not to ask on a first granny date?

Some areas of conversation are best avoided on a granny first date or when breaking the ice online. Here are some of them:

  • Politics: Asking about their views on Brexit or what party they support is a bad idea.
  • Future plans: Long term topics are a no-go on a first granny date.
  • Past relationships: You need to build up trust first to ask about past relationships.
  • Past jobs: Few people truly enjoy talking shop on a first date.
  • Financial/Retirement topics: Another topic where you need to establish trust beforehand.

What to look for in granny dating?

There is no single thing to look for in granny dating. What does help is to have an open mind regarding people you meet either as a granny dating or as someone looking to date a granny.

Another reason to be flexible is that older partners may already have a lifetime of experiences. They could be looking for a refreshing change. The same goes for younger partners who are looking for the unique experience of dating a granny.

How to let friends and family know you are dating a granny / a granny dating?

The first thing to remember is that no one can judge your happiness. It’s key that your friends and family see you as a complex human being.

As such, it’s understandable to seek companionship and intimacy through granny dating. Conversations with family and friends need to always stem from a place of empathy, shared by all participants.

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