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Get the most out of the mature cougars in your area with UKmatureContacts! Expand more than your little black book with these UK MILFs!
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Ashley Madison
Need a discreet way to enjoy cougar dating with married women? Join Ashley Madison to meet UK MILFs today!
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C-Date is one of the largest online dating services in the world, especially when it comes to meeting mature cougars! Sign up and meet MILFs now!
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Take your cougar dating to the next level with the UK’s most active mature dating service! Sign up with Milfplay to meet your matches!
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Want to enjoy MILF dating in a way you never have before? Check out BeNaughty to meet the easiest MILFs in the UK!
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Looking for different dating services?

Older women dating younger men has become increasingly common, and that can only be a positive thing.

Bucking traditional dating stereotypes, there are many glamorous and successful mature single women who are enjoying having sexual encounters with younger lovers. These sexy and powerful women prefer meeting toyboys to fulfil their sexual desire, instead of dating men their own age or even older.

Cougar dating is about modern female empowerment and women fully owning their sexuality. In this context, the term cougar implies that older women are on the prowl for younger men.

Taking a stand against the double standards that often exist in the dating world, older ladies are starting to exercise their sexual preferences more and expand the boundaries without any fear of being judged. Married people are also turning to milf dating apps to try and start an affair.

There are a huge number of dating apps where you can flirt with and meet UK milfs out there, and many services are becoming a lot more niche. Cougar dating is just one of them. 

You’ll find specific dating services for toyboys and cougars in the UK who want to hookups and no-strings-attached fun, while other services focus on love and serious relationships regardless of the age difference.

Think you can’t date someone outside of your age bracket? Think again. There are many reasons why local cougar dating could be for you.

Visit our tips & guides page for more insights into the cougar scene!

What is the best MILF dating website?

Whether you’re a mature woman or a younger man looking for UK milfs, there are lots of niche online dating apps& websites that are designed specifically for you. However, the key to successful cougar dating is finding the best dating website for you.

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Choosing a milf site

To find a convenient cougar dating website, you can browse online dating reviews and decide what features are most important to you and what you’d like to get out of joining. It’s also important that the online dating platform you sign up to can be trusted. 

Most of the better UK MILF online-apps have measures in place to safeguard you from fake profiles and scammers, to ensure you have a safe and secure dating experience.

Many websites are members of the Online Dating Association and also have a privacy protection policy in place, so you can relax knowing your dating experience is as confidential as possible.

Quick and easy registration

Most leading UK milf sites for older women and younger partners have thousands of new members every month, with just as many active daily members looking to hookup. Registering and creating your profile is usually free, and it often only takes minutes to sign up so you can begin your search for like-minded people.

You can then upload your profile photo, which may require approval before it’s published, and then fill out information like your personal bio, interests and even relationship status.

You’ll find localUK cougar dating free apps and sites are very simple and easy to use, and browsing through the many profiles is straightforward. 

There are some features that you’ll only be able to access if you upgrade to a premium membership, but this usually means you can enjoy a more tailored service when using the website.

Paid subscriptions

On some websites, you can only contact members if you’ve subscribed to the paid subscription. If sending messages to other members for free is something that’s important to you, then it’s worth choosing a good dating app for you with that in mind.

Prices of premium local cougar dating sites can vary, and you’ll be able to choose a good service based on how much the monthly subscription is, what features you can access, and the quality of members. Sometimes there are discounts available if you subscribe for a longer length of time, rather than just a single month.

Convenient apps

The most convenient MILF dating apps are free to download, user-friendly, and have all of the same features as the desktop version, making them ideal for connecting with younger men or cougar singles wherever you are.

What are the pros and cons of using cougar dating sites?

As a younger man, there are plenty of reasons to date an older woman, from being with a woman who is more mature and sexually experienced, to getting into a relationship with a person who is financially independent.

For men with little to no experience of dating a mature cougar, there are lots of advantages to exploring this unfamiliar ground.

Learn from experience

You’ll be surprised what anolder woman has learnt with years of experience. It often means that cougars know what matters and what doesn’t, so they won’t be worrying about the trivial issues that may bother the younger generation.

Rich life experience is hard to come by, and a younger man can be appreciative of the wisdom, guidance and decisive nature that successful, mature women have to offer.

Increased confidence

A mature woman usually knows what she wants from a lover. UK Cougars are confident and tend to take care of themselves, ensuring they are empowered enough to pursue younger men on websites.

You can also expect milfs to be far less self-conscious about their bodies, which can make sex much more fun and enjoyable. Women reach their sexual peak later in life than men, so an older woman and younger man may be better in sync sexually.

More independence

Already established in their own career and with their own lives, interests, and friends, older women tend to be much more emotionally and financially independent. An older woman will feel secure in themselves, and won’t rely on a man to pay for them.

Younger men are often attracted to this sense of freedom and independence. Independent cougars are with a younger man because they want to be, not because they’re trying to hang onto their youth.

Know what you desire

Starting a relationship with someone who is older, wiser and knows exactly what they want is liberating. Older women have already explored the dating world and have a much clearer idea of what they want.

Whether you want a casual fling or a more serious relationship, you can find the best potential match with someone you meet on a site.

No worries about having children

There are some men who just aren’t interested in having children, and this especially applies to young men. One of the benefits of dating an older person is that they’ve already had children and they’ve grown up or they’ve decided that they don’t want them.

This means you can focus on your connection and on your relationship, instead of the expectations of a family.

Why you should date a cougar?

The term ‘cougar’ may be relatively new, but the concept of women having affairs with men that are younger than themselves has been happening since ancient times.

Yet, being cougar isn’t always just about wanting sexual encounters with younger men, some form long and meaningful relationships too. There’s no reason why age differences should stand in the way of love, or why sexual expression should be tamed by arbitrary social rules.

Why is MILF dating on the rise?

There are many reasons why successful people choose to date younger men. Whether it’s because they feel younger men appreciate their financial independence or their interest in sex, or it’s more of a rational choice due to women living longer than men, there’s certainly a growing number of confident ladies interested in the exciting, passionate, and uninhibited romances that come with it.

The rise of the MILF phenomenon can be attributed to a shrinking pool of ‘conventional’ potential partners for older women, so they seek alternatives elsewhere.

Yet, there’s also the suggestion that it’s down to increased opportunities, rather than a lack of them. As they become more financially independent, older women also have more choices, influence, and power, to realise their broader aspirations.

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