Gamer Dating Sites: Must-Have Apps for True Geeks & Nerds

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Looking for different dating sites?

Level Up with the Best Gamer Dating Sites

Lived through fantastic tales and epochal adventure games in fictional universes, outer worlds, gamers want someone to share the love for the admired hobby. 

You shredded zombies in Wolfenstein 3D, shot Space Invaders back to their planet and went to loot on the wild hunt in Witcher 3 and now you seek your biggest quast and it is outside of a video game, you seek a partner.

Find your perfect player 2 with dating platforms specialized on gamers.

Whether PC princess or console master, we share the same passions for great storytelling, smooth physics and lag-free, straightforward action in the UK as well as in the United States, gamers know no borders.
Here are some of the best UK gamer dating sites:


Similar to Tinder, you can rate the user profiles and give them a “yes” or “no” rating. If the corresponding user then also answers “yes”, you will be contacted and maybe you have found a new partner for life – or at least for a session.

Also intended for gaming friends: However, Kippo is not only designed to find the one great gamer love. The app should also be suitable for simply finding fellow gamers who share the same interests.

Kippo is LGBT friendly, it welcomes homosexuality, hetros and all other sexual orientations.

So if you mainly play on your own and want some company, whether just for daddling or maybe for a longer-term relationship, Kippo perhaps gives you a chance to find an intimate relationship. The platform has a great gamification design, check it out.

GamerDating has been active since 2009 and is run by players who want to give other players the opportunity to find a partner who shares their passion for video game culture.

This is to avoid having to justify your preference for gaming to a potential flirt/dating partner.

However, the site has not yet built up a particularly large community and is therefore only suitable for partner searches to a limited extent.

The portal does not offer an app because the demand is too low due to a rather low number of members. However, as the website is fully operable in mobile internet browsers, as mentioned, a mobile app is not really necessary.

LFG Dating

LFG stands for “looking for group”, which is a typical player term when you want to join a group of players. With modern design and great ambition, LFGDating has made a name for itself in the gaming scene.

LFG Dating promises 24 hour customer service and availability. The profiles are checked by hand, so fake profiles should be filtered out as early as possible. Founded in 2012, LFG Dating is an experienced player in the dating world.

The founders, an English teacher and an ex-soldier, said they wanted to create a dating service for “geeks & gamers” and in our opinion they did a clean job.

The site is easily accessible and quick to understand. By the way, if you’re just looking for player friendships, you’ll also find them here. Thumbs up!


The somewhat dark side Date A Gamer looks old-fashioned at first sight, the logo as well as the design got stuck in the early 2000s. Thanks to the straightforward navigation, single gamers can easily log in.

With a paid membership you can unlock various functions. These include sending instant messages and thus contacting other users, viewing profile visitors, and uploading more photos to your profile.

According to their own statements, the site is said to have more than 150,000 members, which would represent a solid user base. Certainly, the site is worth a free look.

What to consider – A tutorial to gamer dating

Use games as a conversation starter but don’t rely on it to carry your whole relationship.

It’s unlikely that you will build any kind of romantic or casual sex relationship and fall in love with your match only because of the fact that you both are gamers. Still, gamers love their hobby and following tips will help you understanding them better:

  • Gaming is a form of art. Don’t dare to belittle it. If you ever played through campaigns of some great AAA-titles, you know the engaging experience of great storytelling.

    If not, try it by yourself or watch your date play some of their favourite games. You will quickly understand the hype around legendary series like Witcher or Final Fantasy.
  • Losing, frustration and anger are part of the gaming experience. Titles like Dark Souls, Bloodborne or Sekiro are made to outrage you and give you the urge to destroy your surroundings in incredible hatred towards the seeming unfairness of levels or bosses.

    But once, after several hours of anger, you defeat that final stage, your dopamine levels explode and you’re usually rewarded with epic cutscenes and crazy useful items.

  • The gaming community is as real as every other social group. Outsiders might get an impression that playing online has nothing to do with socializing in a traditional way, but the bonds made over years of playing and chatting together in internet forums lead often to friendships, sometimes even to romances.

  • Time is relative for a gamer. We can spend hours on a game without a break and be bored out after 10 minutes at a wild party.

    Spending time on other activities can be tiresome for gamers. A lot of them prefer a cosy evening with their favourite title over small talks at overpriced activities.

Pros & cons of gamer dating

Dating for gamers and dating a gamer are two different pairs of shoes, both can be great, both can be difficult. We collected the benefits and the downsides of gamer dating for you:


  • The brain is capable of producing incredible amounts of sexual stimulation. Gamers develop high amounts of sexual energy and fantasies that you both can enjoy together.
  • Gamers are dedicated, and dedication is hot. Seeing your partner defeating wildly a major boss in rage might be a huge turn-on. And while overflown by dopamine, after-game sex can be incredibly intense.
  • Roleplay is essential. Nice dresses of your favorite characters and hot roleplaying are essential to a relationship with a gamer. Especially if you are off to gamescons and comic-cons, hot costumes are a trait that spices everything up.
  • Who plays together, stays together. Playing involves so many emotions, anger, love, disappointment, lust, etc. that you live through all of them in one night, that connects in a special way.


  • Some nights belong to games. Be prepared to spend evenings and nights without your significant other in your bed.

    If they’re saying that they just have to finish this level or boss, they might spend not only the next 15 minutes on it but easily a few more hours, depending on the intensity of the section and upcoming in-game events.

    Maybe combine your date night with play nights.
  • PC-gamers are, like people who have a passion for cars, photographers or people with other expensive hobbies, who are always under the pressure about how much money they spend on their hobbies.

    A decent gaming-rig can easily cost thousands of Dollars. And, depending on the person’s habits, it has to be updated every few years with at least a new graphics card which costs again a few hundred dollars.

    Don´t judge your gamer date for being cheap on things that you would spend money on, they´re just more likely to invest money in new equipment for a better experience than in a fancy dinner or a romantic weekend trip.

    Don´t take it personally.
attractive blond gamer girl laughing and posing infront of orange background

Tips for gamer dating 

Respect the choice of your date, it’s in the nature of the subject. The most important advice for gamers and all those who are dating one.

Whether you are a strategist, or a first person killer, if your date prefers another genre, don’t make fun of it or disrespect it.

  • Try cooperative gameplay titles and massively multiplayer online role-playing games like World of Warcraft, Borderlands, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and Diablo III or the all time classic Super Mario World.

    Dive into the virtual reality of AAA-titles as a team or as rivals.

    You don’t need to start a twitch account or even being good at the title, as long as you enjoy it with your date, partner or soulmate, it does the job.
  • Keep in mind that playing games is important but not everything in life. Let room for activities and impressions outside your comfort zone.
  • Healthy outdoor activities and socialising are as important for a long term relationship as mutual hobbies. Not on social networks like Reddit Facebook, Youtube or in online chats but in the real world outside, with real people.

Don’t let yourself and your partner go in endless sessions. Instead, reward yourself for achievements with a cultural event or what else you prefer as a couple.

Yoshi in the Streets, Witcher in the Sheets – Why are we so obsessed with gamer dating?

You know every important gaming character back and forth, escaped countless traps and enemies, but can´t find your perfect partner to share all those moments of glory and more importantly, defeat.

You are amongst many gamers, regardless of gender and age.

Millions of players are the happiest behind their screens in games but when the screen goes black, nobody awaits them. An epidemic of loneliness and depression is bursting through online communities of players.

As people tend to dive deep into fictional worlds, they also go out less and hang more within their online communities in which they can develop strong friendships and bonds.

While that might work for friendships, you can hardly get satisfaction out of a romantic online only relationship with someone, as love and warmth can’t be transferred digitally.

Nerd dating UK sites are on the rise, the industry finally recognizes the potential of nerdy dating sites and we couldn’t be happier to provide you with everything you need to know to successfully dive into the exciting world of the best gamer online dating services of the UK.

It’s a short way from feisty comic con cosplay encounters to kinky fantasy lovers.

Sheer endless worlds of video game characters let plenty of room for new kinks and fetishes. Players invent new scenarios for romantic roleplays and geeky passions and fetishes on the go.

What makes dating sites for gamers in particular appealing is that it is a judgement-free zone, and everyone knows what’s up.

Fandom, nerd culture, sci-fi dorks, no matter what awkward personality you may think you have, on dating platforms for gamers you won’t be judged, unlike in the outside world, where social stigma, exclusion and stereotypes are still very real. And even on other platforms, a lot of internet trolls can bully you about your geekness or your gamer avatar.

You won’t find these perks on standard dating services like Zoosk, eHarmony,, AdultFriendfinder, OkCUpid.

And unlike nerdy communities like 9gag or CrunchyRoll for anime (gals! etc.) fans, dating apps allow you to actually flirt and meet, and everybody is in for the same goal!

Don´t mix up Gamer Girls with Gaming Girls

Instagram and other social media gave real girl gamers a bad reputation. They, like most “influencers”, rarely represent reality and are more interested in clicks and attention than in games.

At least, some of them actually stream games, which makes it more bearable for the community.

Most of the female gamers don’t define themselves by their gender and they are tired of being reduced to it.

Some of them may like some extra attention in chats and online games, but the majority of playing girls just want to enjoy a wholesome experience with all ups and downs and equal treatment while playing competitive games inside the community like PUBG, LoL or Apex Legends and.

Gaming communities can be toxic enough so don’t exaggerate with snarky comments or by being overly caring, just be yourself and have fun.

Everything not game related should be sent by private message or, with much more success probability, on gamer and geek dating sites.