Bisexual and Bi-curious Dating Sites and Apps

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Looking for different dating sites?

Offering a perfect way to meet like-minded singles who are either bi-curious or who are already open about their heteroflexibility, some of the top bisexual dating apps help you find everything from serious relationships, couples dating to non-monogamy relationships.

If you’re more interested in love, passion or friendship than just a hookup, you’ll be able to find the dating app or website that meets your needs:

The Best Bisexual Dating Sites and Apps


BiCupid Logo

Twice as much fun as other heteronormative platforms is offered by BiCupid from the famous Cupid Media Company. As a free member you can browse profiles, pimp your own profile and send flirts.

You can also receive messages, but that’s where the functionality ends. Sending messages to other members is only possible with a subscription. 

These start with a subscription period of one month for about £60. The longer the duration, the cheaper the monthly price.

Profiles can only be activated with a photo, which ensures a large number of active users, as there are hardly any empty profiles.


OkCupid Logo

The app, available in the App Store for iOS & Android, and the basic functions of the service are free. The app displays the profiles of OkCupid users who are close to your location. 

These profiles can be viewed using a “swipe gesture”. In the premium version, which is subject to a fee, the advertising is omitted and there are advanced search options.

The app queries your wishes and preferences, whether you are looking for something serious or something non-binding, whether the dating partners should be exclusively singles and what age you prefer. The app’s own matching algorithm searches and then shows you suitable people.

Known for its colourful and inclusive advertising campaigns and the LGBTQI+ friendly layout of the app, OkCupid is certainly one of the friendliest and most successful sites for bisexual singles.


The BiPeople Online site is clearly designed for affairs and non-binding meetings. The members seem to be sexually very open and also like to share candid photos. 

Not only bisexuals can use the site, everyone who wants to feel free and sexually alive is welcome on BiPeopleOnline.

Especially women seem to benefit from the service, as there are many female profiles looking for bi contacts. The service has existed for about 6 years and has hardly changed since then.


Feeld Logo

The App Feeld describes itself as a private space where you can meet couples or singles with a free spirit. A field in which you can discover your sexuality together with your partner or with others.

See who is in your area and start a chat or send a sign of your interest. Even though all users of the application are verified via Facebook, you can of course hide what you are doing. At least this way a certain amount of privacy is maintained.

At Feeld the focus is clearly on encounters with couples or other bi singles for threesomes and other non-binding sexual encounters like swinging.


If you’re seriously looking for a bisexual partner for love, you should try Bumble. On this completely free app, there’s one golden rule: women make the first move.

For those singles that are tired of traditional gender roles in dating, it’s the perfect way to connect not only for romance but also for friendship and business networking.

Bumble basically works like Tinder, you swipe right on the pic of someone you find attractive and left for those you’ve got no interest in.

Most features are free of charge but you can upgrade your membership to enable some fancy features. With the Bumble boost, your profile will reach more people and with a Rematch feature, you give potential fits for you a second chance for matching.

Bisexual girl looking for LGBT relationship on dating site

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What to keep in mind when dating on bi-apps

Bi proud! Dating and hooking up on bisexual dating sites can shape your lifestyle according emotions and sex. 

Whether it’s increased sexual open-mindedness, being more communicative about what you like or being more self-aware, experiencing sex with different (bi)gender identities can change your sex life for the better.

Often designed with straight people in mind, those seeking for a loving woman or man can sometimes have people who are heterosexual come up in their results, and that’s where bisexual dating sites pull ahead of regular dating sites, so switching to a bi-site is a revelation, almost like a coming out for bi-curious.

With plenty of bisexuals online dating emerging, it makes meeting and looking for a partner with the same preferences as you easier.

Specifically created for those interested in bi female dating, women seeking bi men and men hoping to meet bi curious men in their area, you’ll be more likely to find your ideal match.

Check your favourite bi-site for features that allow you to look for the genders you prefer at the same time. Get matches with bi-girls, bi-boys and everyone beyond heteronormativity.

Some of the best bi apps are starting to gain attention, and many mainstream dating sites are releasing features to make it simpler to find other members, so there’s no better time to sign up and get started.

Pros & Cons of Being and Dating as a Bisexual 


  • Much more choice of potential matches, not only on bisexual dating apps.
    You can make use of both, queer and mainstream apps like Grindr and Tinder.
  • You never need to say “If I were gay, I would date you” and vice versa.
  • You can always have a say and understand the sexual experiences of your environment well, as you can gain experience in all areas.
  • The services are inclusive of bicurious people and all others from the LGBTQ+ community. Whether you’re cis or a genderqueer single person, you’ll never feel discriminated.
  • There are often gender options for non-binary people as well.


  • Even though society is becoming much more open about it, there are still certain stigmas and misconceptions that surround bisexuality and even biphobia and social rejection, it still can be difficult being bisexual.

    Finding acceptance in families and surroundings is sometimes harder that it should be.

    Whether it’s from the queer community or even from friends and family, the common misconception is that sexuality is binary and that you’re either straight or gay.
  • Despite bisexuals being the biggest group in the LGBTQ+ community, they don’t get as much exposure and recognition as gay and lesbian dating, with many people still not understanding what it is all about. 

    Especially pansexuals, asexuals and other diverse sexual orientations are sometimes overlooked.
  • Many bisexuals often don’t feel particularly welcome at Gay Pride events, as they can experience disparaging remarks about bisexuality being just a phase and even asked about their sexual history.

    Bi-sexual dating sites are a great way to make friends and get support from the bisexual community.
  • You have to beware of unicorn hunters. This is when cis men or women in straight relationships pretend to be bisexual or bi-curious while they’re only looking for a threesome partner.

Tips on being successful on bi-sites

To rock bi dating apps you should keep following tips in mind:

  • Leave room for new experiences
    Being bi-curious doesn’t automatically mean you’re monogamous, just as it doesn’t mean you’re only into the hookup culture either, polyamory gets more and more common.

    Unlike serious or senior dating, which is often much more traditional, some bi-curious dating sites have shaped a hookup culture.

    This is when casual sexual encounters are accepted and encouraged, without there being any need for emotional attachment or long-term commitment.
  • Before you join a 100% free bi-sexual dating apps for a romance, it’s worth thinking about what you want to get out of participating.
  • If you decide that you’d prefer a hook up rather than anything more serious, there are specific bisexual dating sites you can join to help you connect with bisexual singles that you’re more likely to click with.

    You must trust the site you want to use so that you can enjoy a safe and secure online dating experience.

    Double check the site’s privacy policy, terms of use, and that you’re protected from scams if you forgot your password.

Why are Bisexual Dating Sites winning?

There are plenty of reasons why being bi is more fun, and why you should join a bi-sexual dating site.

Doubling the dating pool

Being bi and having the capacity to be attracted to both your gender and other genders than your own gives you even more of an opportunity to find your ideal match.

Breaking boundaries

Bisexual erasure still exists in both the gay and straight community and is when the existence or legitimacy of it is questioned. As a bisexual, it’s fun to continually break down boundaries and help others accept sexual identities in all their forms.

Defying stereotypes

Being bisexual doesn’t automatically make you promiscuous. Many people are very monogamous and are not only interested in ambisexual hookups.

It’s enjoyable to defy stereotypes, and the advance of bi-sexual dating apps makes it easier to find other singles who are seeking for the same type of relationship as you.

FAQ: Bisexual Dating

If you are new to bisexual dating or have come across a new word or concept, these answers to common queries might help.

What is Bi Curious?

A bi-curious person is someone who is trying to understand whether they may be bisexual. The bottom line is that a bi curious person wants to gain a better understanding of their sexuality and what genders they are attracted to. 

However, they don’t have definite answers to their questions, which is totally okay. Be aware that you don’t need to stick with bi-curious as a label.

How to know if you are bi-curious

You could be bi-curious if you wonder about what genders you are attracted to. Additionally, you might be open to experimenting with your sexuality too. 

Signing up for one of the dating services on this page is a great way to explore who you are attracted to, whatever their gender may be. It’s also an opportunity to connect with other bi people, helping you better understand your sexuality.

What is the difference between pansexual and bisexual?

Depending on who you ask, there is either no major difference between pansexual and bisexual or there’s a significant distinction. The main sticking point to any potential difference between pansexual and bisexual is gender identity and the scope of inclusivity.

Pansexual is generally used to express an attraction to all genders (such as transgender, agender, nonconforming and cisgender). 

The meaning of Bi truly depends on who you ask. For some, it strictly refers to an attraction to two gender identities while others define it as being attracted to people who identify as the same gender as them in addition to those with different gender identities from them.  

Should you add “Bi” in your dating bio?

You should add it if you feel that it is a crucial part of your sexual identity which you want others to know about. Be aware that you are under no obligation to justify your bisexual identity to anyone. 

To paraphrase the Journal Of Bisexuality, there are many flavours of Bi. There is no official version. You know yourself and no one is entitled to ask for more.

What is a unicorn in bisexual dating?

A unicorn in bisexual dating is a person (often a woman) who commits to having threesomes with one couple exclusively. The word unicorn is used because of the perceived rarity of this type of partner.

It’s worth noting that dating apps and services make it easier now to narrow down the type of partner you are looking for both in casual and serious dating.