Dating Sites for Single Men and Women over 40

Most Popular Choice
OurTime is the ideal site for singles over 50 who want a second chance at love. With matches based on interests and passions, it is the ideal site for sincere and mature dating.
  • Ideal for: Singles over 45 looking for a second chance at romance
  • Local activities for users
  • Easy-to-use platform
Elite Singles
Elite singles is perfect for professionals over 40 who are looking for the real deal. Connect and discuss your background to get the ball rolling!
  • Large userbase at the age of 40 and older
  • Be sure to find serious connections
  • Singles with above average education
Academic Singles
Over 40 and an academic? Meet your true match with Academic Singles.
  • Ideal for: Singles over 40 looking for a chance at romance
  • The site is packed full of intelligent and serious singles
  • Lots of fun to be had!
eharmony has a detailed algorithm that matches you up with people who share you passions. Dating after 40 has never been easier!
  • A hugely popular and respected UK platform
  • Serious matchmaking for serious (but fun!) daters
  • mature singles looking for love that lasts
Dating over 40 in the UK is fun again! TrueLifePartner has your back for the whole journey!
  • Ideal for: Singles over 40 looking for another chance at romance
  • An exclusive 40+ community
  • Find your life partner among 180,000 excited users
marriedbutlooking is for people looking for new experiences outside of marriage. It's perfect for over 40's settled in life and looking for new experiences.
  • Private and simple messaging interface
  • Great for passionate encounters
  • A trusted online dating service
A brilliant dating site for those 40 and up! Find real matches and get to know them better.
  • over 250,000 daily active users
  • Meet someone in your local area for a convenient date
  • Free membership without a hassle

Looking for different dating sites?

The best dating sites are those that give you the freedom to interact with other users and explore the romantic possibilities. We summarized some of the best mature local dating services for singles over 40:


eharmony logo

Eharmony is easy to use, the interface is intuitive and fully adapted to the most needed purposes of it’s 600.000 members.

So that you can access your account from on the road, there is a free mobile app in Apple’s App Store (iOS) & in the Google Play Store (Android).

You don’t just fill out the test during registration to find the right partner.

You will receive a short assessment for yourself. If you are a premium member, you will receive a detailed assessment of around 40 pages.

All profiles are automatically checked. False information is kept in check. This gives a certain security especially for women.

Questionnaires are used to create profiles with the help of which algorithms introduce possible matches to you. eHarmony has a good reputation and is perceived positively by the members. Everything is done to help the members on their way to a new partner where possible.

If you are looking for someone who has the same serious intentions and maturity as you, Eharmony is one of the best over 40 dating sites on the market.


match logo

Match is no different from other serious mature dating apps in terms of registration: For free registration your email address is sufficient, you just have to confirm it. In addition, a user name as well as place of residence, date of birth and the planned search are requested. 

So you will not only find questions concerning your appearance, such as the color of your hair or your height.

A whole series of multiple-choice questions deals with different life situations and your approach.

Of course, some questions are also aimed at your marital status and your character, and different answers are available to choose from.

20 given flirtation questions can be answered with yes or no, but you are free to enter your own questions if they fit you better. At Match you will find young and young-at-heart singles over 40.

Match has over 1.3 mio members in the UK and is one the biggest dating networks of Great Britain.


zoosk logo

On the basis of the age distribution one can say that most members on Zoosk are between 30 and 50 years old.

There are slightly more men (58%) than women (42%). Whereby it must be noted that there are almost no cartel-oaks or fake profiles.

Inactive users are simply deleted automatically after 6 months, just as every user profile must pass a quality check so that fake accounts can be removed directly. One can therefore speak of a certain quality of the members.

Registration with Zoosk takes just 15 minutes, although we have chosen the more cumbersome way. It is even faster by registering via your Facebook profile. If you choose this option, you don’t have to worry about Zoosk posting or sharing anything.

Only your profile picture, name and interests and hobbies are taken over. You no longer have to enter these manually, but can start looking for a match in just a few clicks and send a message as a first icebreaker.

Elite Singles

EliteSingles Logo

With more than 2 million members in the UK and around 900.000 active users weekly, Elite Single is definitely worth checking if you are on the lookout for mister or misses right in your 40s.

One of the peculiarities is that only a few contact requests are submitted to the customer. However, these are suggestions that have been very carefully selected.

New customers can still use a get-to-know program to find their way around the site. Furthermore, users receive 20 new photo profiles every day, which were not selected on the basis of the personality test. These singles can be addressed then with favours spontaneously.

Besides the design and the service, the courteous customer service is one reason why Elite Singles is very popular in 22 countries.

The focus here is on the particularly detailed profiles, in the creation of which the service attaches great importance to the true answers to the questions asked.

Getting in touch with others is very straightforward. You can find exciting members via the active search, the partner suggestions or via the list of your profile visitors (which are only shown to premium members, though). 

What to consider when dating over 40?

There is all the own package, which each and everyone carries with over 40. Starting with good and bad emotional experiences. It is made up of all the emotional events that have accumulated over time.

They are already shaped by relationships. This first love during high school graduation, university studies or the first years of work often provides the standard by which all other relationships must be measured.

Be aware that the new partner also brings a whole range of her own experiences with them.

Habit and living environment. As city dwellers, hardly anyone is drawn permanently to the countryside – and vice versa. Anyone who has worked a lot and with pleasure and in abundance in the past will not suddenly change that now for a new partner.

Those who have built up a large circle of friends in their private lives will hardly ever neglect them for a new relationship or a tinder liaison. The demands on the life partner increase simultaneously with the years of life.

Which requirements are really important, that relativizes itself in the course of the time. But at the same time, single women in particular become more uncompromising when it comes to meeting their demands.

Existing family obligations. Children from a previous relationship, parents to be cared for or other family members, they can all play an important role in future relationships that must be taken into account.

The children may grow up, but then they challenge their parents in new and unfamiliar ways. On the other hand, the loss of a parent or the care of sick relatives can severely limit one’s own resources – which makes finding a match even more difficult.

Changing beauty ideals. Singles over 40 often adjust their views about the ideal partner in their mid life.

Women in particular are more willing to lower previous demands and orientate themselves towards suitable partners who share their own lifestyle – physical attributes tend to become less important. 

For men, on the other hand, physical attractiveness remains important, but they tend to lower their expectations of the level of education & maturity.

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A man on a dating site for over 40

Why is dating in your 40s better and worse at the same time than when you were younger?

The perceived negatives

  • For many, the big issue with the 40 plus market of dating is that there may be children involved. While this is a possibility, it shouldn’t put you off; blended families are very much the norm these days and can be incredibly rewarding.
  • In the case of bereavement, you might feel that you’d be constantly living in the shadow of the partner who’s passed on.
    However, there’s no point in comparing yourself with that person. Ultimately, the relationship you share with someone will be different from the one they had. No better or worse, just different.
  • You may also have financial concerns, particularly if you’ve been through a divorce. However, letting your money rule your love-life is a sure-fire way to scupper any future romance. Sometimes, you just have to roll the dice and see what happens.
  • 40 plus dating might seem like a veritable minefield, but that depends on how you look at things. Now that you’re in your 40s, you’ve got more self esteem, life experience and a much better idea of what you do and don’t want from a relationship than millennials have.
  • Over-40 dating apps like the Ourtime app can introduce you to an online dating scene where you can get to know people from older age groups before you even consider meeting them face to face.

The pros of dating in your 40s

  • Unless you’re in the throes of a mid-life crisis, you’ll know that dating genuine mature singles from older age groups can be infinitely more rewarding than dating those who are considerably younger than you. You’re far more likely to have similar interests and similar life experiences.
  • As a result, you won’t have to suffer never-ending conversations about the latest music, or which social media platforms are the best. Instead, you can concentrate on enjoying the important things in life, such as mutually stimulating chats and deep conversations.
  • However, that’s not to say that the physical side of things is doomed to be a distant memory. While women reach their sexual peak at 40, it’s less of an urgent matter than it was in their younger days. As a result, couples in their 40s tend to favour quality over quantity when it comes to sexual encounters.
  • Younger men and women might have a certain sexual attraction, but they don’t come with the experience that you’ve accrued over the years. 40 plus dating means that there’s no need for awkwardness or naive fumbling. You both have a sexual history and know how to use it.

In addition, by the time you reach the big 40, you’re less likely to limit yourself in the dating world. Most of us believed, at some point, that we had a type. With a few relationships under your belt, the likelihood is that you’re open to new ideas and can cast your net that much wider.

Tips for dating when you’re over 40

The chances are that, if you’re looking for over 40 dating apps or researching the best dating sites for over 40 singles, you’ve been out of the game for a while. You may even have lost a bit of confidence along the road.

Those who know your relationship history may have a better perspective on what works for you and what doesn’t. You may even want to involve them in vetting your potential matches.

We’ve researched some of the best dating tips for 40 plus dating for you, which can help you increase your chances of finding love online:

  • Understand that not every potential match you’re paired up with is going to be right for you. To look at it another way: every match that isn’t right takes you one step closer to finding the one that is. Use dating apps to get to know someone before you take the plunge and meet up.
  • State your preferences from the outset. If you don’t want to date someone with children, then don’t beat about the bush: state it on your profile page. There’s no sense in being coy about what you want from your online experience and your honesty could well be seen as attractive.
  • Try not to slate your ex. If you’re continuously going on about your ex-partner, this tends to communicate the idea that you haven’t fully moved on. For all you know, the person you’re messaging has an ex who badmouths them too, and they won’t be looking for a replacement.
  • Think outside the box. Whatever you think your ‘type’ was, try and forget about it. While it’s good to set parameters, it’s also good to be open-minded to new people and those who wouldn’t ordinarily have been on your radar.
  • Age is just a number. If you’re convinced that you’re too old to start dating again, then you’ll likely self-sabotage your own efforts to find love. Remember that the users on the best dating sites for over 40 singles are all a similar age to you and don’t seem to have a problem with the idea of dating.
  • Be sure that you’re ready. If you’ve come out of a divorce, you might feel like diving back into the pool out of some sort of sense of injustice. Dating sites are there to help you find new love, not to try and exorcise the ghosts of a previous relationship.
  • Be honest. Profile pictures can be misleading and if you manage to bag yourself a face-to-face date, you don’t want your match to find you unrecognisable. If you have wrinkles, have put on weight, or have gone bald, embrace it. There’s someone for everyone.
  • Don’t be afraid to initiate. One of the great things about older dating online sites is that you have a degree of anonymity. Many users find this quite liberating and those who might have less confidence find that they are able to initiate chats and messaging.
  • Take your time and get to know people. Online chat offers the perfect vehicle through which to get to know other users. By finding someone with similar values, life experiences and outlook on life, you’re more likely to enjoy a successful romance.
  • Join multiple dating sites. The only path to find the best dating sites for over-40 singles is to shop around. You’ll be casting your net wider and increasing your chances of finding the person you want in your life.

Many people over the age of 40 have actively pursued their career and self-realization to get a higher social status and did not want to commit themselves too early as they were not even close to seeking for their very own “meaning of life”. Demography shows that people are getting married later and children are often not yet an issue at 30. 

Many singles only feel ready for a serious commitment at 40 or later, which is why the number of singles over 40 on online dating sites grows every year. Besides that, on dating apps you get to know each other under pseudonyms. 

Nobody discloses private information. Address and telephone number are only shared if you have already met in public places and have built up trust in your new partner.

Flirting on dating sites with singles outside your circle of friends and colleagues expands your horizon. All kinds of people are looking for the significant other on free mature single dating platforms. 

Among them are many singles of all ages and especially singles over 40, all with the same goal: to find the man or woman for life. The old social stigma of the lonely and pitiful mid 40 single was overthrown decades ago by MILFs and hot daddies. 

Online dating services for over 40 singles are available around the clock, at any time of day or night. Platforms and apps can be used regardless of weekdays, holidays or vacation periods.

Even workaholics and night owls have the opportunity to integrate online dating into their personal life.

One does not need to leave the house and can flirt comfortably from the sofa.

Gathering new experiences, even if it’s not Mister or Misses Right. You get to know exciting new views and world views, if you are open to it.

How to stay safe using a dating site for over 40?

Do take a little time to look over the rules of etiquette on your chosen sites. Not only does it minimise the risk of you putting your foot in it, but it also helps you to recognise inappropriate behaviour.

Many plus-40 dating sites offer free membership. This is a great way to test-drive a site before taking out a subscription. However, once you’ve decided which site or sites you want to subscribe to, be sure to check out their renewal and cancellation policies.

Some sites ‘auto renew’. This means that, unless you cancel your subscription before it expires, you will automatically be charged for the appropriate fee.

It might be old news, but never give out any financial information to other users. Many 40 year old men and women have fallen foul of online scammers. To prevent yourself from becoming another statistic, remember that the only time you need to enter any details is when you are taking out a subscription.

On that note, it’s also worth checking that payments are encoded and encrypted. That way, your personal information remains safe and secure.

When you sign-up to a plus-40 dating site, you’ll need to create a user ID. Don’t use any personal information, such as your phone number, address or date of birth, in the ID. While your username should reflect your personality, it shouldn’t reveal any sensitive information.

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