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PinkCupid is a dating site by Cupid Media for bi-curious women and lesbian dating. Cupid Media offers a variety of niche online dating sites, and PinkCupid focuses on giving single ladies a platform to find someone special.

The site does not shy away from giving women the freedom to express their sexual orientation and homosexuality in a safe and secure environment that is intended to help you find a lasting relationship. PinkCupid encourages you to put yourself out there!

Rather than traditional dating sites which tend to emphasize feminine gender roles and empower one gender over the other, PinkCupid benefits from being an exclusively all-female dating site that encourages you to embrace women’s sexuality.

There are more than 800,000 members around the world using PinkCupid, and over 60,000 in the United Kingdom alone! PinkCupid wants you to join a growing community of lesbian women looking for love online so that you can enjoy the experience as well.

We want to show you why we feel like PinkCupid is a premier dating site for women only. To do so, we review the site’s memberships, registration process, prices, app, and more! Read on to find out everything that you can expect to see when you sign up!

Our Summary

PinkCupid represents a user-friendly online dating site that has modernized well. Like many of Cupid Media’s nice dating sites, this site is direct in providing users with a way to match and find a date without having to resort to something gimmicky or tacky.

Each tier of membership provides users with a good mix of different features, and users of all levels will be able to find something satisfying. Even if you are a free member, being able to read and send messages felt convenient and good.

One of the things that we enjoyed about PinkCupid was its minimalist design and the way that its user-interface was seamlessly integrated, giving you an aesthetically pleasing experience as you navigated between different profiles and messages.

The site’s strict security was both a positive and negative element, as it did ensure a level of security and safety that we appreciate but could also slow down the dating experience. More than that, as free users we saw a few ads on the site which were distracting.

Overall, for lesbians or women who are simply bi-curious, PinkCupid offers a welcoming community of other single ladies looking for love. The site and app are both simple to use and convenient and provide you with ample opportunity to meet someone special.

🆓 Free profile vs paid profile

There are three grades of membership on Standard, Gold, and Platinum. Standard membership is free and allows you to send interest to other members and communicate with Gold and Platinum members.

If you upgrade into the Gold Membership you will be able to send messages and receive anything sent to you from other members. For anyone who goes all the way with the Platinum Membership, they will unlock everything PinkCupid has to offer.

Free membership

  • Make your own account
  • Use your favorite photos on the site
  • Browse which members are online at the moment
  • Read profiles and learn about users
  • See the full bio of every profile
  • Let other women know you are interested
  • Utilize a Favourite feature
  • Match with others at a basic level
  • Chat with members who have upgraded

Gold membership

  • Talk to any member on the site
  • Speak with anyone instantly using the chat feature
  • All messaging options open up to you
  • No more ads to get in the way of dating

Platinum membership

On top of everything above, Platinum members get to:

  • Stay hidden on the site while they look at other members
  • Come up on the first page of searches by others
  • Get a lot more space to expand your profile
  • Stand out as a VIP user
  • Search using features that are reserved for top-tier daters
  • Utilize algorithms for matchmaking that are top of the line
  • Get any message you want translated

💰 Types of membership

PinkCupid’s 2 premium memberships offer three alternative lengths to extend your membership:

Gold membership

Monthly priceTotal
1 Month£24.99£24.99
3 Months£16.66£49.99
12 Months£8.33£99.99

Platinum membership

Monthly priceTotal
1 Month£29.98£29.98
3 Months£19.99£59.98
12 Months£10.00£120.00

Payment options

PinkCupid offers the following payment methods:

  • Subscribe with a Credit card
  • Pay using your Debit card
  • Enjoy the flexibility of PayPal
  • Use a Check to pay
  • Go through and use a Bank transfer
  • Even pay with Vouchers
  • Make use of your own country-specific payment methods

The payment page will update any changes to how you can pay, so go there first to double-check if your method of choice is fine.

💡 How to reduce costs?

Try the Free membership out

The best way to reduce your costs in the long run is to make use of PinkCupid’s free initial registration. This will give you insight into the basic features while also making your chances at finding love fair.

Any time you have the option to sign up for free, and the site interests you, it is smarter to use the free version for a while. Don’t just drop into the premium membership without giving even their basic version of the site a test first.

Take advantage of their payment plans

If you decide to stick with PinkCupid’s excellent lesbian dating service, then upgrading your account may very well be inevitable. However, you should make sure to do this within a budget. Take stock of how much you are willing to spend and for how long you want to try out a higher tier.

Our recommendation is the one month membership. This version of the premium membership will give you the most access with the least amount of financial commitment. If you are happy with the service you can then upgrade into a longer subscription.

📊 Membership structure

How many PinkCupid users are in the UK?

Over 60,000 lesbians and bi-curious women use PinkCupid across the United Kingdom.

PinkCupid’s demographics of love

PinkCupid has over 800,000 users online around the world with an average of 200 members online at any given time. Despite being mostly optional, many members have profile pictures and completed profiles.

✍️ Registration process and profile creation

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Just signing up to PinkCupid is quick, taking just around 5 minutes to complete. However, if you want to expand your profile this can take longer, but you can also do that at any time.

  1. Registering

    All you need to start is a valid email address and a password that you can use for the site. Be honest about the info you give concerning your age and location.

  2. Upload photographs

    You don’t have to, but uploading a picture of yourself will go a long way to convincing the other women on the site that your account is a real one. Pictures do take up to 12 hours to confirm, so you will have to be a little patient.

  3. Building your profile

    Here is where you will have an opportunity to tell people about yourself. What are your hobbies? What interests you? What are your physical proportions? Any history that might be interesting to share? Be creative!

    More is always better here, so take some time to really write up something nice. People will have an easier time matching with you if you go that extra distance.

  4. Decide what kind of matches you want

    On top of what you put into your profile, the most important element for determining how your match-making works is based on what you put in this particular section. Define the kind of woman you want to date and try to be as specific as you can be.

  5. Verify your account

    Members who take the time to get their account verified will be sending a clear message to others that they are a legitimate person and not a scammer. You can follow the steps for verifying from your profile. You will need to show government issued ID to the site’s admins.

landing page of pinkcupid. a cute lesbian couple smiling into the camera.

📱 User friendliness

PinkCupid dating site review

Signing up for a premier lesbian dating experience at PinkCupid is simple, and since you can edit your profile at any time, it is also fast. Register with a valid email and you are good to go!


Navigating is simple, and makes ample use of Cupid Media’s simple yet user-friendly layout. Access any portion of the site from anywhere and enjoy a fluid dating experience like nowhere else.

The experience is seamless when you go from one match to another chat, and even while updating your profile.


Speaking of, there is a lot to say here. You can put in so much information about yourself that it will leave you wondering what to say next. This is great for helping others get some insight into you, as well as providing you with a glimpse into the kind of women you want to date.

PinkCupid dating app review

For daters on the go, the app is a great alternative. You get quick access to all portions of the website with the convenience of a mobile interface.


Just follow the same steps for signing up as listed above. It is that easy.


You get a better view of pictures and a more optimized approach to reading profiles and interacting with members with just the tip of your fingers.

Adjusting profile

You can access this at any time from anywhere on your app.

✉️ Contacting users with PinkCupid chat

Contacting the lesbian or bi-curious woman of your dreams can be done quickly. There are two ways to contact her.

How to contact another user:

  1. Click the message icon located in their profile
  2. Write your message in the text box that pops up
  3. Finish by clicking ‘Send’.

Alternatively, you can first look at their profile to get some basic info:

  1. Go to a profile that you like
  2. Select ‘Send Message’ to the right of their image
  3. Just click on that button
  4. Write your text in the new window
  5. All you need to do is click ‘send’ to finish

👍 Pros and cons 👎


  • Secure site
  • Instant messaging is available for anyone
  • “Online now” feature
  • An average of 200 members are online at anytime
  • Easy to register and quick to start using
  • There is a built-in translator
  • There is a chatroom


  • Annoying pop-ups
  • Before you can edit your birthday you have to upload an ID
  • Not all fields are mandatory, so profiles can be very empty sometimes
  • You’re not allowed to put your contact info in your profile for the app
  • App is only available for Android users
  • Automatically logs you out if you are away for ~15 min

Most Popular Choice
  • #1 trusted dating app in the UK
  • For serious, long-term relationships
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  • Great search function
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  • Ignite romance right in your vicinity
  • Enjoy exact matching thanks to accurate filters;
  • And explore many more benefits that will help you find love!
  • Welcome Offer for new members
  • Unique VIP Content for premium members
  • Maximum payment security (Google Pay, Apple Pay etc.)
  • Free sign-up!
  • Easy-to-use interface, optimized for all devices.
  • 100% match guarantee.
  • Privacy protected in a discreet environment.
  • Possible great matches,

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  • Free, fast and easy registration
  • Real girls from 180 countries
  • Highly engaged and active community
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  • Best for open-minded looking for “no strings attached” fun
  • Free membership
  • 54 million users 
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  • Casual or serious online dating

🙋 FAQs

How does Pink Cupid work?

Once you have registered for the site, PinkCupid gives you the opportunity to search for other lesbians either through basic or advanced searching, matching, keyword searching, popular searching, and much more!

Is Pink Cupid safe?

Yes, PinkCupid is a very safe site to use. The site employs encryption to keep all of your data safe, and Cupid Media even utilizes a Fraud Prevention team created exclusively to protect your privacy.

How much does Pink Cupid cost?

Subscription prices can vary depending on the length of the subscription you would like and which tier you want to opt into. The cheapest single month subscription is £24.99 and the more expensive tier is £29.98.

Keep in mind that longer subscriptions translate into cheaper per month costs, so if you are enjoying the site consider extending your subscription length to save on costs.

How do I delete my pink cupid account?

To delete your account, you will need to login to do the following:

1. Login at
2. Follow the instructions provided
3. State the reason for leaving and feedback on the dating site
4. If you have met someone on the site, they ask you to leave a testimonial

ℹ️ Company Information

Started in 2006, PinkCupid is part of the well-established Cupid Media network that operates over 30 reputable niche dating sites. The company is known for producing both country and gender-based online dating websites.

Cupid Media Pty Ltd
PO Box 9304
Gold Coast MC QLD 9726

PinkCupid is catered for lesbians who want to meet someone online.

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