What to know when dating an Asian girl?

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In this article we will discuss some of the things you should avoid to make your flirting and dating more successful, as well as some things to consider.

If you feel like using the best Asian dating sites just isn’t cutting it for you, read on to see if there aren’t any additional tricks you can learn!

Tips on making your flirting better for dating Asian women

What should you focus on to make the Asian dating experience on Asian dating sites better? If you are struggling to make sure you avoid any sort of stereotypes then a good rule of thumb is to always talk about herself as a person, not about her ethnicity.

An exceptional case would be if you guys are both Asian. Then there’s no reason for why you wouldn’t talk about your specific culture, similar experiences or differences. Here’s where you can find commonground.

That means avoid a focus on her being Asian, if you’re not from the same or a similar background yourself. Instead, approach her like any other woman that you would want to flirt with. Here are some topics you can start with:

  • If you know for sure that she’s from another place, ask where she grew up and follow up on that – rather than guessing where she’s from, just ask her where she grew up and base your following questions on that. For example, If she grew up in a rural environment you can ask her about her experiences there and in cities. If she grew up in an urban area, ask her if she likes to go outside of the city. Compare experiences and find common ground.
  • If you’re uncertain, though, it’s plainly rude to assume she’s from another country simply from her look or name. Don’t make a big deal out of it.
  • Make jokes – Make jokes and keep topics light to break the ice and ensure a positive experience. If she wants to talk about more serious things, do so in a way that avoids arguments.
  • Focus on hobbies and interests – you want to learn about her above all else, and asking her about her hobbies and interests is a good way to show her that you are interested. Who knows? They may even be quite different than what you were expecting!

With this you should already have a good start to flirting and dating with Asian women, avoiding any clichés or stereotypes.

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Things to avoid doing when you flirt with her and while dating

You already know that you need to avoid stereotypes and thinking of Asian women in broad, racist caricature-like ideas. That’s a good start, but there can also be more subtle things you should avoid saying which can offend her in the same way.

Here are some things for you to avoid saying when you are flirting and as you start to date:

  • Stop guessing her ethnicity and origins – Asia is a very large grouping of countries, and trying to guess where she might be from based on something like looks or accent will just put her off. Making a guess about where she is from will just leave you open to looking foolish and make it seem a like you aren’t worth her time.
  • Dont make assumptions about languages – Asian women and men live amidst a sea of different languages and cultures, and attempting to narrow her language skills down based on a first impression is a terrible idea. As a worst result, you can make her feel embarrassed for not knowing a language you may think she knows. This also has the potential to make you look as if you have no idea what you are talking about. As a rule of thumb, never make any assumption about what language skills someone has until you get to know them. You may be surprised.
  • Dont just start talking about food – even if it is something you find to be fascinating, it’s such a low-hanging fruit that almost anyone talking to her might start talking about food. Asia is well renowned for its vast variety and depth of dishes, but you will already be doing yourself a favor by focusing on something else. If you want to stand out, save a discussion about cuisine for later.

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What to know about dating Asian women

The biggest secret to dating Asian women is obvious but all too often forgotten: forget stereotypes. Asian women aren’t a different kind of creature all together, they’re still women. You will have more luck remembering that.

Really, it happens more than you think. Non-Asian folks who try to flirt with Asian women end up talking to them like they are a caricature. It comes off as racist and can be an immediate end to flirting and any date potential you may have.

Of course there are cultural differences. Some women may also have different values regarding dating and relationships based on these differences. But don’t assume that is the case.