Our Mingl3 Review 2024: Discover Sexy Online Chats!

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If you’re looking for sexy online chats to fill in the time between dates and let off some steam, look no further than Mingl3. This is a site designed for users who want to browse and start interacting quickly, without necessarily going on a date later. Read our Mingl3 review to find out everything about the price and features of Mingl3 to decide if this is the best option for your next chatty adventure.

💡 How Mingl3 works

mingl3 review features screenshot

This sex chat dating site is set up to make finding profiles and chatting with users easy and quick. Users are immediately presented with a grid of profile pictures surrounded by basic information.

This means that Mingl3 is tailored toward users who are looking for explicit online chats. If you are looking for casual dates or hooking up, this isn’t the best online dating option.

Mingl3 profiles are clearly structured to highlight profile photos, basic personal information, and sexual interests. Users are encouraged to start chatting to find out more. 

🆓 Free vs paid features

While there are many actions you can perform for free on the site, if you want to get the full chatting experience, you might need to pay. Find out what you can do for free and what you have to pay for.

Free features

These are all the free features available on the website.

  • registration
  • profile creation
  • adding photos
  • browsing user profiles
  • bookmarking favourite users
  • speed dating swipe-based feature
  • free chat messages with complimentary coins

Paid features

Mingl3 makes paid features available once you have a coin balance on your account. You can either buy coins or receive free coins when completing certain tasks on your profile. These are the features coins allow you to access:

  • chat with any user
  • send pictures
  • send fun stickers
  • get more views

💡 When building your profile, you might receive free coins. If you want to continue chatting after they’re gone, you may have to buy more. If you just want to browse, pin profiles, or speed date, then you can keep doing that for free.

💰 Pricing

Unlike many competitors, Mingl3 doesn’t require you to pay for a monthly subscription. The paid messaging features can be used by spending coins from your Mingl3 wallet. This means that you only have to pay for what you use and recurring, automatic charges can’t happen.

PackageTotal pricePrice per coinPrice per message
Unlimited messages for 24 hours£13.99n/an/a
200 coins£8≈£0.04£1.60
300 coins£17≈£0.05£2.27
900 coins£44≈£0.05£2.00
2000 coins£88≈£0.04£1.76
6000 coins£179≈£0.03£1.19

*Pricing provided for illustrative purposes based on available information at the time of writing.

What are the best pricing offers on Mingl3?

Each message you send costs 40 coins, which is why it’s best to get the unlimited offer whenever it’s available. This will allow you to message without coin limits for 24 hours. It is worth the price as long as you send more than a dozen messages in 24 hours.

The next best packages are the 6000 or 200 coin options. These have the lowest cost per message available on Mingl3 and give you the best value for money. The 300 and 900 coin packages are the worst deals when comparing prices per coin or per message.

Whichever coin package you buy, make sure you send long messages to get the best value for money or send a photo to get the most out of a message. Users on Mingl3 will likely appreciate the effort and respond positively.

How to get free coins?

Mingl3 gifts users free coins when they perform certain tasks on their profiles. These are the activities that can get you some free coins:

  • Get 100 coins for free after verifying your email address successfully.
  • Get 10 coins for free every day you log into Mingl3.
  • Get 10 coins for free every two days you log in.
  • Get 40 coins for free per week when you log in every day.
  • Get 40 coins for free after verifying your profile.
  • Get 20 coins for free after adding a profile photo.
  • Get 20 coins for free after adding three gallery photos.
  • Get 20 coins for free after selecting five intimate interests.
  • Get 60 coins for free after enabling push notifications on your browser.

That means you can get up to 400 coins for free in your first week, allowing you to send 10 messages for free. After that, you can still get about 100 coins a week for free as long as you log into Mingl3 daily.

✍️ Registration

Signing up to Mingl3 is a one-page process where you need to enter the following information:

  • your gender (female, male, transgender)
  • what you’re looking for (female, male, couple, transgender)
  • display name
  • email and password
  • date of birth
  • country and nearest city

Once you’ve entered your details, you can start browsing profiles, sending likes, and bookmarking favourites to chat with later.

📱 Mingl3 site experience

mingl3 profile example screenshot

Mingl3 works well on all screen sizes on computers, mobile phones, and tablets. When logging in, you will see the

  • menu button (three lines)
  • browse section with profile grid
  • search settings (three lines with dots)


The menu allows you to switch between the following features:

  • browse
  • speed date
  • pinned profiles
  • chat
  • viewed profile history
  • my profile
  • wallet
  • help and legal links
  • log out


The central section has profiles in rows. Boosted profiles often take up the top two rows. You can tell them apart by the colours around their profile pictures. Profiles will also have a green dot to show when users are active. You can also see how many profile pictures a user has uploaded as well as their username, age, and location.

When you find a profile you like, you can click or tap through to enter the full profile. You can then pin the profile to your favourites, start a chat, or give them a “like” to show you’re into them. You can scroll down to find more personal and sexual details.


The search functions can be accessed from the top right of the screen. These let you search or filter by the following options:

  • username
  • age
  • location
  • online status
  • number of photos
  • sexual interests

👍 Pros and cons 👎

Here are the main benefits and downsides of using Mingl3.


  • Short sign-up process.
  • Sexual interests and fantasies are visible on user profiles.
  • Chatting without needing to match with another user.
  • Sending and receiving explicit messages and pictures.
  • No monthly subscription. Paying only for messages you send.
  • The Mingl3 website works perfectly on mobile devices.


  • Some profiles are operated by Mingl3 to entertain users. These users are paid by Mingl3 to chat with you.
  • Long chats can get pricey.
  • Not suitable for users looking for casual dating in their area.
  • No Mingl3 app.

🙋 FAQs

Here are answers to common questions about Mingl3.

Is Mingl3 legit?

Mingl3 is a legit dating site that uses email verification and secure payment systems. Mingl3 has employees and contractors that pose as users to improve the chat experience. This means that some profiles weren’t created by real users. While this is clearly stated in their terms and conditions, most users aren’t aware of it when signing up.

If you are looking for “no strings attached” online fun, then Mingl3 is the right option for you. If you want to meet face-to-face, then there are better dating options than Mingl3.

How do I cancel Mingl3?

There is no monthly or recurring subscription with Mingl3. This means you don’t have to cancel it. You have the option to delete your account from your profile settings by following these steps:

1. Click on the left-side menu (three lines).
2. Go to profile.
3. Go to settings (middle option along top menu).
4. Scroll to the end of the settings option.
5. Click or tap on “Delete My Account”.
6. Enter your password in the pop-up.
7. Give a reason for requesting account deletion.

How do I get a refund?

If you have bought coins but know that you will not use them. You can ask for a refund from the payments team through the contact form. The request has to be made within 14 days of purchase. Be aware that you cannot get a refund for free coins.

ℹ️ Our final thoughts

Mingl3 is an ideal site if you are looking for explicit online chats with a wide variety of users since you don’t need to worry about first impressions: Mingl3 users are happy to chat with you and share their sexual fantasies online.

To better entertain users, the site operates a number of profiles. This means that some of the users you chat with might be paid by the site to talk to you. The advantage of this is that you don’t need to worry about saying the right thing.

If you need a break from stressful dates or just enjoy steamy online chats, Mingl3 is perfect to let off some steam without hassle. What are you waiting for?