How to Date an Indian Girl: 7 Things You Need to Know

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Social media and dating apps making it possible to instantly connect with people all across the country.

This enables you to meet women from other cultures, which can be both exciting and educational.

This article is for men from non-Indian cultures who start dating an Indian woman.

Keep reading to discover insight into having an Indian girlfriend that will help make your relationship go a little more smoothly. 

1. Indian Weddings are Amazing

When you finally meet that special Indian woman, be prepared for a wedding that will totally blow your mind.

In fact, the average Indian wedding is equal to multiple weddings from other cultures. 

You will be part of things that you would have never imagined. This includes the groom riding a horse.

Yes, weddings are a very big deal within the Indian culture. And even that is a major understatement. So if you’re lucky enough to fall madly in love with an Indian woman, your wedding will be an event that you’ll never forget.

2. She’ll Probably Have a Nickname for You

Just be aware of the fact that embarrassing nicknames are a popular thing among couples. This is actually an endearing quality of the Indian culture.

If she comes up with a cute or cheesy name for you, you know you’ve got her heart. Even if you find the nickname awkward (which you should of course always be able to tell her), it’s a clear sign of her affection for you.

3. She’s heard all the lame stereotypes

If you’re not Indian yourself, you might think you’re being really funny when you crack a joke about knowing a great Indian place in town. You’ll ask her about whether she lokes Bollywood movies, but she’s heard it all before.

While it’s certainly not a bad thing to have a sense of humour or attempt to make her laugh, the truth is you’re not being original or kind. 

Perhaps she’ll be good-natured about it as a sign that she really likes you, or even play along with your little joke, but words hurt, especially when someone you’re close to puts a label on you.

So quit the jokes and inform yourself beforehand. Google common microaggressions and how to avoid them. You don’t want to offend her in any way.

Indian couple posing for a photo after the wedding

4. She’s Likely Sensitive About Her Culture

This goes hand in hand with what we just mentioned. It’s not unusual for people to be proud of their cultural heritage. 

So it’s important to be aware of the fact that your girlfriend will have sensitivities about her culture, which is often extremely strict and can be overly traditional in certain regards. 

She might also feel very pressured by her family to make specific decisions or to give higher priority to their opinions over yours.

On the other hand, she might be very independent, too.

5. If she’s big into yoga

It’s no secret that yoga is super trendy. In fact, it has enjoyed an explosion in popularity in recent years. But you can rest assured that yoga was a common practice in India before it became the cool thing to do.

This is not to say that all Indians do yoga. But if your date does, show some interest.

If she’s also into meditation, she’ll likely spend time each day focused on her yoga and meditation practices. 

You might find this intriguing, or even a little annoying at first, but you should actually consider joining her or at least following her lead and doing it on your own.

6. Family Is Everything

When you begin a relationship with an Indian woman, you’ll quickly come to understand that family is everything to her. She adores her family, and they adore her. This is a great thing, so learn to embrace it.

7. Be Prepared for the Best Indian Food You’ve Ever Tasted

And yes, she or her family might introduce you to the best Indian food you’ve ever tasted. Forget about your favourite local Indian restaurant, because the dishes she makes for you will blow them all away and make it look easy.

Dating is fun, especially when it comes to meeting women from other cultures. Fortunately, this guide to dating an Indian girl will take your search for love to the next level.