Online Dating Map UK: Gay Dating at a Peak in Conservative Areas

Datingroo researched the online dating behaviour in different districts all over Britain and got surprising results. According to Google Ads data, ‘gay dating’ is the most searched dating term in conservative areas in the UK. Liberals, on the other hand, are on the look-out for interracial dating, cougars and Christian dating.

Most brits use the dating services of their choice between 9 and 11pm. The respondents prefer the late evening for matching as it’s not only a nice afterwork treat, but also the time they relax and desire some charming company.

The average user is 38 years old and spends around 50£ per month for online dating, flirting and matching. 66 percent of all users consider themselves as successful in online dating.

Men are outnumbering women on online dating platforms with an average ratio of 63% to 37%. They also spend more than women on dating sites. Some features, like messaging, are even free for women while men have to pay for them.

Is Online Dating a Safe Harbour for Gays in Conservative Communities?

The Conservative Party has a strong LGBT-wing and officially supports equality and same sex marriage.

Still, gay and lesbian relationships aren’t easy to establish and to enjoy openly in conservative communities. This is especially true when current leaders of the conservative party in those communities openly speak out against LGBT+ culture.

The same goes for religious areas. For example, most Northern Irish Christian leaders stated not to hold gay marriages in their churches despite the new law for the legalisation of same sex marriages. Only Irelands Quakers are willing to host gay weddings.

Building a LGBT+ community in conservative or religious rural areas can be challenging, so it is no wonder that so many people tend to look out for gay dating on the internet.

There are estimated 3.6 million queer people in the United Kingdom. That equates to 6% of the entire population.

Significant reasons for queer people in the countryside to date online:

  • The lack of any LGBT+ friendly places in their area and therefore the lack of a safe place to open up and socialize with likeminded singles
  • Conservative, religious or personal beliefs of their surroundings that lead to anxieties of being socially rejected because of sexual preferences
  • Hidden or even open homo- or transphobia in their local community
  • Toxic and exclusive structures in local gay communities. Gay clubs and bars are often sex-driven and the dominant males have an estimated surplus on testosterone, they are fit and tend to form cliques with similar types. These kinds of men are known to discriminate, bully or exclude other gay men who don´t fit their own type

“There is enormous discrimination and judgment within the gay community itself. This is a sad reality because many gay men grew up being bullied and discriminated in some way”

– Clinton Power, Counsellor and Therapist for the Sydney Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Community, for

City Air is Liberating

The urban infrastructures of big cities paired with millions of residents provide better dating environments and more LGBT+ friendly areas and places than rural towns and villages.

The UK’s cities evolved some of the world’s most famous gay villages. Districts like Soho, Hurst Street and others are well known across all borders in LGBT+ communities.

Surprisingly, our research shows that singles in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and other urban areas aren’t looking mostly for gay dating but prefer to look out for interracial dates, cougars, Christian dating and big beautiful women.


Our research was made by incorporating Google Ads search volume for dating terms besides the mainstream in the period from November 2017 to November 2019. This was done by analysing the most known types of niche dating and avoiding the mainstream dating terms in all British regions. Furthermore we surveyed 1000 online dating users on their online dating behaviour for our statistics.

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