How to write a dating profile for a woman on Asian sites?

Getting started with online dating for women on Asian sites

As a woman who is looking to join Asian dating sites, have you ever wondered what the best approach might be to create the ideal dating profile? You aren’t alone! Many women who approach dating sites find it difficult to come up with a profile that is going to get them exactly what they want.

Thankfully, with a little bit of guidance, you will be able to create a profile that should attract the kind of partner you want in no time at all. In this article, we have five tips to help you create a dating profile in no time at all. Read on to learn everything you need to know!

Tips for you to remember when you make your profile

Many of these tips are flexible, and you should not have to feel as if you need to follow these to the letter. Think of these as some common-sense ideas that you should keep in mind at the back of your head as you put your dating profile for Asian Dating sites together:

1. Put your best foot forward

The person you portray in your profile will be the person who matches up with others when you begin dating online. As such, you should make sure that your profile describes your best characteristics before anything else. As you write your profile, try to let them know about the kind of person you are in a nutshell so that they can get a good picture of who you are by just glancing through your profile. For example, what kind of traits stand out as definitive for you: do you have a sense of humor? Are you adventurous? What about your creativity? Do you think of yourself as loyal? Should you run into a blank wall with this, take the time to have your friends describe you. They can often get to the heart of the matter quicker than you might think.

2. Be clear with your intentions

One of the biggest mistakes most people make when creating their first online dating profile is not clearly stating what their intentions are with the site. Even if you think it might be obvious, make it clearly visible that you are interested in either a serious relationship, a casual relationship, or something other. Also make clear what kind of person you are looking to date with. Just make sure that you don’t get overly descriptive with what you are either looking for or are hoping to avoid. Don’t list your ideal partner’s hobbies, height, body type, etc. Avoid sounding superficial by finding a balance between being specific and being general!

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3. Don’t completely skip the details

Any time you are writing about yourself, it is really important that you give potential readers, in this case potential matches, a clear vision of what it is you mean when you describe yourself and how you live your life. This can be done with supplementary stuff like pictures or videos, or by just adding a bit of detail to a hobby that stands out to you.

4. Stay positive and optimistic

Although it can be charming in small doses, few people are attracted to a dating profile that is littered with negativity and cynicism. This paints a picture of you as being negative and is more liable to attract other negative people toward you. Writing about avoiding ‘drama-queens’ is liable to associate yourself to just the thing you want to avoid if you put in a way that is overly cynical or negative. Focus on the positives and politely make it clear what you do and don’t want in a relationship.

5. Control your narrative

In the end, your profile will give prospective daters a glimpse into who you are and what they can expect if they were to have a relationship with you. It is a narrative akin to a short story’s summary, capturing the real you in the best light possible. Review your profile when you are done with it to see the kind of narrative you’ve created and if you think that is appealing to someone. Don’t be afraid to get an outside opinion on your profile if you are feeling biased or uncertain. Remember, you want to grab someone’s attention and leave them with a positive impression!

Setting your expectations and getting ready

Once you have finished creating your profile and are happy with how it has turned out, give the matching process on the website or app time to work its magic and see who matches up with the information you have provided.

Be patient with your search results and remember that you will get a good number of matches that don’t quite fit your idea of what your partner should look like. Feel free to ignore or reject these, as it is just a natural part of online dating.

You can also go searching yourself and sift through matches yourself to find someone that appeals to you. Send them a message and see if they reply, it can’t hurt!

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Be flexible and patient, and sooner than later your dating profile with net you the catch of a lifetime!

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