Which Eastern European country has the most beautiful girls?

The Eastern European country with the most beautiful girls and the runner-ups

Eastern Europe is known the world over for its beautiful women, be it either for their physical attractiveness or simply their elegant composure and characteristics. We have gone through the top 5 countries which are renowned for their beautiful women: 

  1. Poland – These ladies hit the top of our list for their reputably subtle facial features, fair skin, and the ever-alluring blue eyes. Most Polish girls have a good mastery of the English language with a great sense of humour to boot.
  2. Latvia – What can be more attractive than a beautiful woman who is educated and career oriented? On top of that, they’re renowned for their attractive figures, fair skin, and blonde hair.
  3. Russia – Many models and fashionistas have roots in Russia, sporting elegant figures and clear symmetrical features. Their commanding presence is second to none. 
  4. Lithuania – These blonde beauties are sultry and knowledgeable, having slim figures and a bubbly attitude to keep your spirits up and more.
  5. Ukraine – Much like Russian women, these girls have dark hair and subtle features that match their fit, attractive features.

But why do men find Eastern European girls so attractive? On top of listing the Eastern European countries with the most beautiful women, we explore why men from around the world find them attractive, the reality of dating one, and where you can meet and date Eastern European girls.

beautiful eastern european woman

Why western men prefer Eastern European girls

Many people may wonder what it is about Eastern European girls that is so attractive. The truth is that for many men in other parts of the world, the appeal of these women stems from a few beliefs that are less than realistic. 

Stereotypes include the idea that these women will essentially serve men, will forgive cheating and any sort of bad behaviour or habits you might have, will always happily cook and clean for you, and will be more than happy to gratify your every need. 

This isn’t true. 

Eastern European women are like any other woman anywhere else: they have their own personalities, wishes, dreams, rights, and needs. If you expect them to just accept whatever you say or do, be prepared for them to leave you. They need respect just like anyone else.

However, it is true that for many the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. There is an exotic charm to Eastern European women that is attractive to many men around the world. There are also cultural and traditional values that stand out for many.

The reality of Eastern European dating and women

The reality of meeting and dating Eastern European women is that you are much better off getting to know them on a personal level before moving on to the next step of a relationship. Eastern European women aren’t just looking to marry the first Western guy they meet, after all. 

One of the best ways to get to know them is through dating sites, as these sites give you a lot of benefits for meeting an Eastern European girl. For starters, they serve as a platform for meeting women from these regions, which is perfect for anyone who is interested. 

On top of this, the best Eastern European dating sites offer a lot of great ways to get insight into the person you are chatting with, ranging from detailed profiles to forums and chat rooms where you can really get to know the community. 

Where can I meet Eastern European girls?

If you are wondering how you can date an Eastern European girl, the obvious place to start would be in Europe! However, this isn’t really a convenient opportunity for most people, so your other options will have to be closer to home.  

There are always international conventions and meetups for hobbies or special interests that might have singles you can mingle with, but these are in no way a guarantee. Online forums are another way to go, as well as expat communities. 

Online dating is the most practical way to meet Eastern European women, giving you instant access to a community that is looking to mingle and match with international men. If you want to meet Polish, Dutch, Russian, Lithuanian, or Ukrainian girls, then online dating might be the best option for you.

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