Getting in his head: Why do guys like MILFs?

It’s no secret that for many young men, dating a mature woman is much more appealing than a woman in his own age group. These women are called cougars or MILFs, and they hold a certain allure of experience and lust for men who are much younger than them. 

The term MILF stands for “Mom I’d like to fuck”, which might imply that these older women have or had children in the past. However, that isn’t always the case, as it can just refer to an attractive, sexually appealing older woman. 

In this article we’ll discuss why younger men like MILFs, including some reasons for why they find them attractive, why older women can be so receptive to this attention, and the benefits and problems you’ll have dating an older woman as a young man. Read on to learn more! 

Some reasons for why guys like MILFs

Well before the movie American Pie, young guys have been attracted to hot moms and older women. There are many reasons for this, including a desire to be with someone who is mature that reminds them of older women they were attracted to in their youth. 

But there’s no one reason for why younger guys might find an older woman attractive. Here are some of the more common reasons: 

  • Cougars and MILFs are more comfortable with their sexuality, and are more inclined to enjoy their libido than younger women
  • These younger guys can also see older women as knowledgeable of sex and physical intimacy in ways that women their own age can’t know of or share for their first time
  • Older women, or MILFs, remind them of a maternal figure, like a hot mom or step-mom, that they developed sexual feelings for. This is essentially fulfilling a desire to enjoy the taboo of an Oedipus complex
  • The prevalence of MILF porn and pics of more mature women in porn encourages a fascination with women that have more experience and are older
  • Women who take control and are in charge, basically authority figures for these men, can be a huge turn on for young guys 
  • The opposite can also be true, as there is a certain taboo about younger people telling someone older what to do, and when it is sexual it can be even more exciting
  • There’s also the attraction to cheating with someone who is possibly married and has already started a family
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Why older women like younger guys

Of course, the appeal of MILFs for young guys is a two way street, as older women also enjoy being with young men. For one, they can help these guys get over any insecurities about sex they might have by showing them the extent of their own sexual experience. 

There’s also the fact that older women enjoy being with younger guys as a way to feel young again. They can enjoy fulfilling the secret desires of men who have had crushes on them for a while, teaching them about the pleasures of being with a grown woman. 

There is an almost maternal element to taking in a younger man and caring for him sexually and intimately. Of course, there are other things at play here too, such as grooming him to be fit for a certain role or position. 

The obvious sexual virility of younger men compared to older men shouldn’t be understated, as that vigor can be used to excite and fulfill an older woman’s libido more than she would believe possible with an older man. 

And who is to say what other desires a younger man can fulfill for a mature woman? For many, it’s a personal indulgence that doesn’t necessarily need an explanation. 

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What are the benefits for younger men dating MILFs

The benefits of dating an older lady when you are a young man are more than you might expect. There’s the self-esteem boost you can get from seducing a mature woman, the exciting sex life she’ll give you, and the valuable life experience she can show you.

Sleeping with an older woman can be a rewarding experience, giving you valuable knowledge about how to please a woman and what you’ll enjoy as well. They can also take care of you in a number of ways, from financial support to giving you access to new social circles. 

There’s also the boon of enjoying sex with someone eager to be pleased, which for many young guys is a constant thought rumbling around in their heads. You can also enjoy sex with a reduced concern about pregnancy, although better to be safe than sorry. 

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Problems you might face while dating an older woman

Of course, it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows when you sleep with an older woman, much less when you date one. Not everyone thinks it the most natural thing, and society as well as social media may interpret your indulgences as any number of fetishes. 

People’s opinions of you may alter drastically, if it gets out. This means that you may end up keeping your adventures with older women hush-hush, which isn’t so enjoyable in the long run. 

Some older women also enjoy playing mind games with younger men, leading them on and teasing them a bit with something more than just sex before ghosting them entirely to move on to the next guy. It can be a painful life lesson for many young guys. 

Of course, there’s also the risk of falling in love with a MILF you are sleeping with. She may not be able to reciprocate your feelings for a serious relationship, or may be in a serious relationship already. This too can be another painful life lesson.

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FAQ about guys who like MILFs

For any guy who is looking to enjoy the rewards of being with a MILF, there are undoubtedly a few nagging questions you might have. To better understand why guys like MILFs and to facilitate you meeting them, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions. 

Where can I find MILFs offline and online

It’s not just enough to understand why young guys enjoy MILFs, you actually need to meet them up to really get that experience. The best way to do this is arguably through online dating services that focus on mature women. We recommend the following: 

– WantMatures
– Cougared
– PassionMature
– Older Women Dating

However, if you prefer to meet them offline, we would recommend the following choices: 

– Wine bars and clubs
– Hotel lounges
– 50+ club parties
– Community and social events
– Sports and leisure activities, like yoga or swimming

How should I prepare for my date with an older woman?

You should make sure to put some effort into your attire. Dress nicely, even if this is just a hookup. You’re going to be with an older woman after all, no need to look like a slob. Of course, don’t dress in a way that is awkward for you, you want to be yourself. 

Obviously you should clean up, shower, put on some cologne, and make yourself look nice. You should also bring protection if you want to have sex. Even if she isn’t likely to get pregnant, you still want to protect yourself from potential STDs. 

Be prepared to take her out for dinner or a drink, too. She may offer to pay, but don’t rely on her to do it if she hasn’t agreed to it. 

Is there a term for older men that younger women find attractive?

Yes, there is, and it is called a “DILF”, which is a “Dad I’d like to fuck.” This is when there is an age difference between the older man and the young women who find him attractive. It functions much the same as a MILF relationship. 

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